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  1. I'd like to see Bednarek on the bench for a rest then bring him on at around the sixty minute mark.Give Jankewitz a start,Salisu at left back and hopefully Danny back to score a couple. I wont write this off as an walkover but I want to see JWP wind up Zaha up so he gets all cobby. With the right approach three points are possible. I live in hope.
  2. And now for the good news. Our 'not a Friend', Kevin is scheduled to Ref us!
  3. From the pre-match commentary right through the whole match the Leicester wank fest was in the forefront. Smith cannot ever give a balanced view on any of the Saints games that I have seen this season. It’s was almost orgiastic in its content. Why no remarks after Vardy had dived and won yet another Oscar for his performance? He should have received at least a yellow for simulation and like an earlier poster said ‘Why did he remain on the pitch after his recovery attention.’ We deserved that point last night and we actually turned up. Up yours Brendan and Vardy. Nip over to Smithies for more f
  4. It may not surprise many to know that I personally hope our lot turn up tonight and prove that Leicester got lucky with us as they weren't very good on the day either. Wonder how soon the 9-0 will get a mention. Surely we can do better than the last fiasco. I won't hold my breath.
  5. Plan B doesn’t exist. If it does it begins with ‘B’ and therefore is BOLLOX! Why is it when the ball is on the 18 yard line it’s a pen yet when it’s on the goal line it’s not a goal? I have been a Saint for almost 65 years now and these are the most repetitive abject performances I have witnessed. We are not even Championship standard at present. To be honest I can’t see where the next points for us will come from. We are so predictable.
  6. A little more positivity on throw ins, stop this bloody crab football and attack! Spurs are and attacking side and leave big gaps at the back. Hit Son hard at the first opportunity. Provoke. Dele Alli because he's like Humpty Dumpty and don't like it mentioned and he will get booked. We can get three points out of this. Then poke two fingers up to Mr. Levy. I live in hope.
  7. Looking backwards is usually the philosophy of regret but that performance needs looking at. We just didn’t play the way that we can and haven’t for a considerable time now. Responsibility rests completely on the shoulders of the non-performers who for some reason are selected week after week to little or no effect. I accept that we have a very thin squad of limited ability who are at times mediocre and lethargic. So too do the Baggies hence their position in the table. If we can see this why can’t the Coaching Staff. Apparently we had ‘our best team’ out last night. Where were they? The old
  8. My old Head of School (We worked together in the School of Management in an FHE College for almost thirteen years) and his Missus are dedicated Baggies fans just like we are to Saints. Had a little chat earlier and both said that Saints should come away with the three points because the win over Chelski is a one-off. In their opinion not one Baggie player would get into the current Saints team even if we had eleven injuries! They don't like Big Sam and both wish they could have a forward looking Manager like we have at Saints.(?) So from the opposition they don't believe we will send them dow
  9. I thought this thread was Bompey v Saints but it seems that many of the posters prefer to discuss our relegation prospects. Well, for one I don't subscribe to all the negativity that is currently at the fore. I am not pessimistic in that I can only see the demise. Being a Saint for as long as I have its all down to life's rich tapestry of disappointment and pleasure and, above all, optimism. Let's look at the Cup match on Saturday as a 'day out' and irrespective of the score, endeavor to enjoy being a Saint. Cheer up! Its far easier to smile than frown.
  10. I still prefer SHITEHAWKS. Seagulls eat turds don't they? hence the SHITEHAWKS. I'll get me coat!
  11. You don’t need an hilarious name Cat. To me and my generation they will always be the SHITEHAWKS!
  12. The one thing a Manager must never do, is Criticise his players in public. I well remember Redknapp doing this and thought at the time 'its not the players mush, its you.' Hence,Ralph will keep his criticisms behind closed doors. I wasn't happy with the way we gifted them not one, not two , BUT three goals. We can't keep doing this.Responsibility lies with the owners who have spent so little and until we strengthen our squad we will continue to field misplaced players. Two situations stand out for me from last night. McCarthy pissing about rather than hoofing it and Che not thinking that the b
  13. It matters little how much a player costs in the currently 'Agent Controlled' market, its what they do on the field that counts. Our players play for SFC and under the direction of Ralph. Man City may be a wealthy Club,but we can still challenge them on the field where it really counts. I am going for a Saints victory and bollocks to the pundits.They have to lose this 'Media wank-fest' sometime and we will do that on Wednesday.Tella has really impressed me and they don't like attacking forwards like him who don't shrug off the challenge.Three more points for the Saints.
  14. I have yet to understand why Ralph has continued with starting Redmond. I get the point that he is a professional footballer, but he seems to have lost it recently. If he plays tomorrow then I am even more concerned as Sheff U play in red and white stripes and he may think he's on their side. He couldn't tell the difference between our stripes and the Toffees blue as he gave them the ball more often that ours so beware if he's starting. We desperately need those three points tomorrow. Please Ralph, lets do some attacking rather than continue to play crab fashion.
  15. Looking at the table its the three points we definitely want on Saturday. We can win 18-0 and stand still because the teams above us are at least four points ahead. Depending on tonight's results, irrespective of what they may be we have to win our next match. I live in hope as I have for many a long year now. Lets be positive and believe we can get out of this current mess. We've done it many times before and we can do it again .COYS
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