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  1. I’m going for a 6-0 win for Saints and Danny to get four and that’s because Sheffield United hate Vardy almost as much as we do. I won’t forget how he put an Dyke out of playing for months.i
  2. This times a hundred. Come on Danny, we are all behind you tomorrow.
  3. Well if we can stand outside and applaud the Carers we can stand up inside in front of the telly then! Just a thought.
  4. I hope it will be a competitive game and Danny gets his hat trick. Let’s give Billy Sharp a very warm Saints welcome back to St.Marys. He did a job for us when he was here and for that we should applaud him. Three more points on Sunday then it’s off to the Costa del Calshot for a well earned break!
  5. We will beat the Bucket Rattlers. It won’t matter by how many but ‘revenge is sweet’ after their OTT celebrations last October. I won’t even bid them farewell. Just piss off!
  6. Very poor indeed in the first half and was concerned we would suffer a rout with our less than mediocre defence. However, the changes at half time clearly demonstrates how thin our squad is. Vokins picked up in the second half and someone must have told him at half time to stop cutting in and go outside .. it worked. PEH can go. Everton or Spurs and if it’s Spurs let’s have KWP as part of the deal. That lad was a revelation when he came on. Obefimi just doesn’t seem suited at this level. Armstong also improved our situation. Without trying to sound arrogant but we could have won this. Should we beat Bompey on Sunday it will be icing on the cake. Ings outstanding again but I see Dunk is being MOM in some circles. Roll on Sunday and the opportunity to wave farewell to the bucket shakers (ungrateful bastards) COYS
  7. I thought Bednarek was outstanding last night. Calm and concentrated. My only reservation is the inconsistency of the Referee. Yes, Romeo was lucky to stay on the pitch but some of the Manc challenges leave a lot to be desired.They get a free kick from a clash of heads and the donkey gets a goal kick after blatantly pushing Danny over. Bravo Zulu Saints. A most entertaining evening for all Saints. Three more against the Shitehawks on Thursday ?
  8. Their weak link is the donkey McGuire. Very over rated and will not be able to cope with Ings Adams and Long. Can see quite a few bookings against Saints because pride comes before a fall and United just don’t like being humiliated. I’m going for a narrow Saints win.
  9. Anyone any doubts that Richardson should be in his National Swimming team.? After all he’s a superb diver. we were far the better team and I know JWP is the captain but to take that penalty away from Danny cost us two points.
  10. Keep the same team that played City and I believe we can at last get the 3 points at Goodson.
  11. Me too. I just wish we could have all been there in person.Reckon most of us would still be at or around the Stadium totally inebriated Geoff 🥃🥃🥃
  12. Positive performance against a niggly physical side and Vestergaard had Deeney in his pocket. Che Adams will come good and I love the way he keeps his head and gets stuck in. See what happens when you discard crab football? Outstanding all round today. Next up Man City and although it’s at St Mary’s we have continue to be as physical as we can because City players don’t like it up ‘em 🥃🥃🥃 Cheers lads.
  13. Great summary as usual Glen. The photo shows clearly that McCarthy does have a good left foot but needs reminding that he’s supposed to kick it in the opposite direction the pillock!
  14. Am I glad I didn’t have to pay to watch this tripe. Any Manager worth his salt knows our weaknesses and two of them yesterday were Valery and Hoy. Arsenal at the moment are not very good but even they made us look mediocre. An early Christmas present from Mc C and quite a few decisions that never seem to go our way. The studs up tackle into Bertie certainly earned a Red but the Ref didn’t even give the offender a yellow. Watford will be testing and unless Ralph gets to grips with where the dangers are I can’t see very many points for us in the near future.
  15. We’ll be fine. The Gooners are a spent force. The Shitehawks usually play as the name suggests and yet beat them,we can do the same.Our ‘home form’ has to get us a result sometime and this is the time.COYS
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