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  1. Positive performance against a niggly physical side and Vestergaard had Deeney in his pocket. Che Adams will come good and I love the way he keeps his head and gets stuck in. See what happens when you discard crab football? Outstanding all round today. Next up Man City and although it’s at St Mary’s we have continue to be as physical as we can because City players don’t like it up ‘em 🥃🥃🥃 Cheers lads.
  2. Great summary as usual Glen. The photo shows clearly that McCarthy does have a good left foot but needs reminding that he’s supposed to kick it in the opposite direction the pillock!
  3. Am I glad I didn’t have to pay to watch this tripe. Any Manager worth his salt knows our weaknesses and two of them yesterday were Valery and Hoy. Arsenal at the moment are not very good but even they made us look mediocre. An early Christmas present from Mc C and quite a few decisions that never seem to go our way. The studs up tackle into Bertie certainly earned a Red but the Ref didn’t even give the offender a yellow. Watford will be testing and unless Ralph gets to grips with where the dangers are I can’t see very many points for us in the near future.
  4. We’ll be fine. The Gooners are a spent force. The Shitehawks usually play as the name suggests and yet beat them,we can do the same.Our ‘home form’ has to get us a result sometime and this is the time.COYS
  5. Never been superstitious so 13th is fine by me. Kept losing or giving away ball early on and showed the ‘rust’ but I’m impressed with the aggression we displayed as it has been lacking of late. Happy chappie this morning even though Mrs H and I are in our 14th week of isolation. Thankfully my nipper and grandsons live next door so watching the match (6feet apart) in their lounge was a big morale booster. Keep safe you Saints.
  6. My wife and myself are both in our 80s and have taken the advice seriously by imposing self isolation. Fortunately we live in a bungalow next to our son D.I.L.and two grandsons so we are as one house.We can find plenty to do outside once this bloody rain stops. Being a Saint since January 1957 I don't just live on memories of how things used to be.I have recorded quite a few Saints games and last night had the pleasure of watching us stuff the Skates 4-0 at Notarf... The snarling retards made complete idiots of themselves whenever we had a throw in and the venom they were spitting clearly demonstrated why that victory was such a pleasure to watch.Next up will be the Wigan cup match then selective matches from MOTD with the after match comments deleted. Its not the end of the world and I would like to wish you all the very best at this critical time for all of us.Keep the spirits up (literally) and I'm sure we will all come through this together.We are after all,the Saints.
  7. This is definitely not going to be a walkover. Who ever wants it most will win.Norwich are just as vulnerable as we are at times and we must take advantage of that.An early Saints goal will open them up and we have to take the initiative if we really want those three points.Therefore I'm going to stick my neck out and predict a slim win for Saints.I live in hope.
  8. Every season for at least the past five or six years we capitulate to the sides around and below us. I honestly thought that when Puel left we would never return to 'Crab football'. Yesterday was a classic example of not pressing. When we did we scored. Possession football may be OK when you are two or three up but look at what Watford did yesterday. They didn't have much posssion but used the opportunity to press. Ralph really must sort out this complacency. Yet again we were exposed at the back. I just hope next Saturday we will actually get three more vital points and it's quite possible that we can as long as we stop this faffing around in our half.
  9. You do realise he had a full time job? He writes the blog when he gets time.
  10. They won't do the double over us. Saints are a much better team than the last time we played them. Close down Antonio and with a little provocation should see him sent off. He gets quite petulant without too much prodding.
  11. I seem to recall the last time they were in a cup final following a match with us. We beat them 6-1 and Schlong got two crackers. Same day as Mane's fastest hat trick. I honestly can't see us losing this tomorrow.
  12. Not for me thanks. He burnt his bridges when he left and sold his soul to Liverpool. Too injury prone for Ralph anyway.
  13. I hope The Vest has a brilliant game today.To prove he is a real footballer and not just a lumbering giant.
  14. That's because you're a Saint Glen and not some effing pseudo expert who has no idea how the other half lives.
  15. We are a totally different outfit than when we lost up there in the first game of the season. Our lads now have a much better approach and understanding than on August 10th. Burnley are quite vulnerable at the back. Currently they are minus ten. We need to win 3-0 to go three points clear of them and go level on goal difference. Our performances (even against 12 men) show we are capable of giving them a good hiding. I've waited a long time for a really high scoring victory and it's on the cards against Burnley.
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