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  1. Update on the OS within the past half an hour - https://www.southamptonfc.com/news/2021-02-12/southampton-fc-how-to-rollover-or-refund-your-season-ticket Looks like e-mails to be sent out to 'lead bookers' by tomorrow with a straight choice between a refund or having the outstanding value added as a credit to your ticket account to use on future purchases.
  2. Possibly not, but a loan could viably require a loan fee so not outside the realms of possibility that we would.
  3. One thing I wonder with King (if there is any truth in it noting Adam Blackmore's tweet) would be whether it would be a 'permanent' move more in theory than reality. Given he's a free agent in the summer we could sign him 'permanently' but only on a six month contract, meaning King gets back in the Premier League whilst still leaving his options on the table for the summer, and we get him on what effectively equates to a six month loan but without taking up one of the precious domestic loan slots.
  4. I guess the release clause (if set low enough) gives a best of both worlds situation for him, whereby a move to the "big 6" remains on the table the next two summers, but he also gets an instant payrise which is locked in for a few more years should a move not materialise.
  5. Borne out by this in The Athletic today talking about Wolves hunt for a new striker whilst Jiminez is out: "...as was Graziano Pelle, but it is believed he doesn’t meet the new post-Brexit requirements to move to the Premier League."
  6. Could be the case that Shrewsbury want to 'do a Derby' and play the tie but Saints are hesitant... No idea when this can be rescheduled. 4th round is only two weeks later (24th Jan), would think next mid-week (13th) would be too soon (BBC suggest Shrewsbury's next game on 16th Jan also in doubt) and we've got league games the two midweeks after that (20th & 26th).
  7. There are four things that VAR can check and intervene on: Goals. Red Cards. Penalties. Cases of mistaken identity. The Adams kick to the head would never be looked at as a potential penalty because it was in our own penalty area! VAR could have intervened with Walcott this week (no dependency on the ref 'blowing up' first), but they will only intervene (by sending the ref to view the challenge on the pitch-side monitor) if they feel the failure to award a straight red card for serious foul play is a clear and obvious error on the part of the referee.
  8. Given both wide men were swapped at the 60 minute I suspect the changes were pre-arranged and made with Saturday in mind. Agree that Theo still looked full of running. I think his ability to drop deep, collect on the half turn and then drive with the ball really gives us something.
  9. Mozz

    20/21 Kit

    Wouldn't surprise me. Over the past few years the main European clubs UA have had are us, St Pauli & AZ. The AZ deal was ended at the end of last season and last month St Pauli announced a mutual termination at the end of this season so it seems like UA are trying to exit pre-existing deals.
  10. Mozz

    20/21 Kit

    From the OS Today:
  11. Similar logic with the space outside the stadium as well. They made use of the external space between Kingsland and railway line for ticket check, id check, temperature check and catering, as well as associated queues, with the exit gates left open for entry to the stadium itself. Would be a lot harder to replicate in the Itchen.
  12. E-mail came through about half an hour ago for me. Looks like the questionnaire is a generic form as it is now also linked to (https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=lLzlreLDlEWb99G8hzyqJbDIJPulRhtEvcpWv95l7G1UN1kxRDJKVkQ1MjhMMU5CQkY2RDdUMEpZSSQlQCN0PWcu) from the return to stadium info page (https://www.southamptonfc.com/visitor-info/return-to-stadium/return-to-stadium)
  13. He does have previous in doing so. Away to West Brom in the Pellegrino season (shudder) he had one in a very similar position to the second one yesterday and scored by going low to the keepers side.
  14. I'm pretty sure that the previous partnership ceased a few years ago. A quick look at Sure's twitter suggests they currently have sponsorships with Man City & Chelsea.
  15. Death threats = banter apparently. What a guy factlessallen is.
  16. Maybe don't loan a keeper with a 24 hour recall clause when you know the loan window is shut?!?
  17. Loving the comment on the News story of: Is Lampitt driving down the M3 with £1m in cash on the passenger seat at the moment?
  18. That article merely states that it was a proposal 8 years ago. There is nothing to indicate that this became an FL regulation or remains an FL regulation.
  19. 12.3.2 (a), (b), © & (d) of FL regs do seem to enshrine the ability for the FL to make it up as they go along with regard to parent companys going into admin. Even if the club and parent company aren't seen as intrisically linked they can still deduct on the basis of taking into account the integrity of the compeition and the reputation of the league.
  20. This is the definition of "Group undertaking" referred to in the FL regulations: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/46/section/1161
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