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  1. Saints totally lacking in ideas now.
  2. I'd like to see something more pacey & incisive from Saints in attack. Build up is a bit ponderous and the ball into the box is just hopeful. Arsenal more likely.
  3. Should have been a corner. Hit Ings after it crossed the line.
  4. Theo having a bit of a 'mare. Defence playing like it's patched up. JWP very deep again. Arsenal looking more likely to score. Even Cedric'll probably find the net with a mishit cross.
  5. Arsenal slicing through Saints defence almost at will now. This could get embarrassing.
  6. Beat the press nicely there. Usual Saints finish.
  7. Of course but sometimes it's necessary to be aware of immediate danger. Stephens was fannying around.
  8. Fannying around giving it away. Just play it long when under pressure.
  9. Always like an away 5th round tie in the West Midlands.
  10. Do Saints have half time snack of treacle pudding or something?
  11. Another good attacking position spurned by Saints. Different team 2nd half.
  12. Saints finding it difficult to string a pass together.
  13. Still no composure in the final third.
  14. Saints snappier in and around their box. Just need a bit more composure when in good positions.
  15. Saints worryingly blunt in attack again.
  16. Here's another free kick donated to them/.
  17. Keep giving away stupid free kicks and expect trouble.
  18. Saints as bad as ever in the final third.
  19. Saints trying to walk it through a forest of legs.
  20. Not exactly peppering their goal are we? The longer it stays at 1-0 the more Shrewsbury will gain in confidence.
  21. Why don't Saints lump it up front when there's 30 seconds left? Instead Stephens gives it away and it's 2-0.
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