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    I’m sure one of you can explain the benefits of wearing a mask to pop into a shop for 2 minutes when there’s 2,000 maskless people packed into the guildhall for hours on 5 nights out of the next 10.
  2. RedArmy


    I’m saying they don’t make a significant enough difference, yes.
  3. RedArmy


    In what way did masks “calm” numbers?
  4. Why? He’s been rubbish this season.
  5. Walker peters is fucking shit at left back.
  6. KWP marking rain and thin air.
  7. If that challenge was the other way around you’d all be crying about how dangerous it was.
  8. Do you think the met police are doing a good job?
  9. If saints fans are happy to be a club that just exists, floundering in the bottom half of the premier league with no ambition to improve then it’s no wonder we end up with owners happy to sell our best players and replace them with cheap alternatives, because they know they’ll get away with it and the fans won’t kick up a fuss.
  10. You lot usually wait until after Christmas to start bottling promotion. Started early this year haven’t you?
  11. So they achieved the bare minimum?
  12. He needs more time and space than you get in the Premier League, same with Adams. It’s an issue that is compounded by our very poor wide men who do not draw enough attention that creates the space needed. Ings was very good at getting the ball out of his feet quickly and giving himself a shooting opportunity, he was better at timing his runs and he was better at pouncing on mistakes. These two are not at that level.
  13. McCarthy conceded the only shot on target
  14. RedArmy


    Piers Corbyn and his weirdo friends probably.
  15. Probably explains why he signed for the skates
  16. Best first half team the premier league has ever seen
  17. Good to see two defenders trying to take McCarthy out of the game because they know he’s shite
  18. 9-0 is 500/1. I’d get on it early.
  19. We have a bench? Someone should tell the manager.
  20. Stephens has been shit his entire career, doesn’t change the fact that Bednarek was a big reason for us being terrible this year. He didn’t look much better at the Euros either.
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