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  1. SEARCH the forum. We have this every week. Why ?
  2. Wrong. At the start of the day we were 3 points off the drop zone and now we're 4 off the drop zone. Keep up.
  3. I could be wrong, but isn't it appropriate for someone to wave a season ticket about now?
  4. Bet you wish you had a Chairman to be mad at for sacking a decent manager!
  5. Coincidentally, I've now decided to be angry about it all until the end of time.
  6. It's time to move on. Will never forget Nigel, or indeed the way in which he was removed but I am now thoroughly bored of the "I'm more outraged than you competition" that this message board has become.
  7. No, you re-read this forum. Plenty are proposing exactly that in various threads.
  8. And after he's been sacked, then what? Please fill us in with all the rest of the details from your master plan (sounds foolproof already, by the way)
  9. Why don't you wait and save your banner and plenty of abuse (so very imaginative, by the way) for when/if we actually get relegated? In the meantime, support your club. Negativity towards the new man and the team will NOT help our cause. Think on.
  10. Sorry. I must be thinking of a different club that nearly disappeared off the face of the earth. Don't forget that Leibherr wouldn't have pumped money in without knowing that Cortese was going to run the club for him. To all those directing vitriol towards Cortese (and there have been some truly shocking examples on this forum) I ask you this: What the **** do you want? Realistically I mean? Cortese to sever his relationship with the club? Who would be chairman? Tell me how you think it should work.
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