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  1. Paul Cook is right here though. What absolutely pathetic rules. Having said that, f*ck 'em triple the fine!
  2. That is something they absolutely are bestestestest in the world at.
  3. Watching that video just confirms that Neil Allen is just a simple, friendly character who despite being monumentally thick and very slow, perhaps actually has a decent heart? Maybe he gets too much stick on here.
  4. Superb stuff. And I just watched that Barker press conference for the first time. 8 minutes of comedy gold.
  5. Teams who don't sell out and are playing at a low level often give away free tickets. Just as we did in League 1.
  6. You did just say that our kit is ****ter than their new 3rd kit though, which it clearly, clearly isn't!
  7. Can someone help me out please? I used to be a regular PSTer but haven't been keeping up to date with this thread since the season started really. The last time I checked up the Trust were the only interested party and things were looking pretty bad. Chanrai was temporarily out of the picture, Birch was making and breaking deadlines, Appleton crying over how unfair everything was "We need to start buying, the league must gift us some top premier league players and pay their wages" etc, the fans coming up with the same usual "it's not our fault" mantra. How much has changed?
  8. Gillett went on to do a good job in the Championship. He'd be a great signing for the Skates, once again at prices they can't afford.
  9. There just aren't enough facepalms in the world for this excuse of a club.
  10. Saints fans (especially on this thread) remind me, in the loosest possible sense of course, of scientists working on a theory and the Skates remind me of Religious groups. Saints fans will look for hard evidence, proof and facts about a theory to do with Pompeys plight and will believe it until it can be fairly proved wrong. The Skates on the other hand just stick their fingers in their ears and say "Sha la la we can't hear you, we're right you're wrong, we're being cheated, greatest fans, PUP PPU".
  11. Haha, has to be a Saints fan. Just way too ignorant for someone who is not on a wind-up!
  12. Where can I find the information about this thread, for example who has the most posts, how many each poster has made etc?
  13. Mullins "gutted" to be leaving Pompey according to the snooze. *sn1ggers* sure you are Hayden, sure you are.
  14. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/12040/7570852/Pompey-crimes One of us?
  15. It is. It really is. I think the "amusing" bit is the complete ignorance from anyone with any links to Portsmouth about the whole situation. Although to be honest, that's pretty abhorrent too.
  16. Hang on, let me get this straight. We stated that during our financial mess we loaned out big earners and played inexperienced youngsters. The Fisherprice Man disagreed. Then he made a post which intended to prove us wrong but actually completely confirmed our earlier statement? Genius.
  17. Brilliant, thanks for the re-post. Who made that? "Harry even sold me these ****ty pens!"
  18. Not seen a full body picture of her then?
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