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  1. So that means as long as the ball is heading out of play, you can wipe out another player off the ball. Contact with Ings from the defender and Ings with the ball happened about the same time, it was as blatant a foul as you could wish to see and a guaranteed pen for a top club.
  2. Only Theo has played well today, we've not threatened at all in the 2nd half. Bertrand having a chat with his missus in the stand during the game almost costs us a goal.
  3. Don't agree that we're playing well, not to our usual standards anyway. Often careless in possession in areas we're usually more efficient, not moving as a team, not commanding the middle of the park, sloppy. That lino should be fired for that mistake. Seriously.
  4. McCarthy KWP Salisu Stephens Vokins JWP Diallo Ferry Redmond Nlundulu Djenepo
  5. It's very understandable though right! I mean, this is Southampton 😝😜
  6. Didn't VVD sign a huge new deal with us just before leaving? Possibly Lallana too?
  7. as he stuck his up in the air to appeal**
  8. He was appealing for a handball against Welbeck, as many Saints fans also did while watching live. Unfortunately it didn't actually hit Webeck's hand and instead hit Prowse's as he stuck his air up to appeal. So he meant to put his arm up, but didn't mean to slap the ball. Either way it was a penalty.
  9. Millwall fans booed the taking the knee? F*ck me what utter helmets.
  10. The crap that you kids watch on Twitter, honestly
  11. Not injured anymore, did you mean?
  12. Turns out all those calling for the thread to be locked "as there was clearly some big issue that he needs shelter from" were the ones initiating the rumours and fake news. He's fine, just an injury, as we expected. Can we keep talking about him now pretty please?
  13. Heaven forbid a few blokes might talk about an injured footballer on a thread in a football forum.
  14. Every time I've seen him talk he always seems very reasonable and quite likeable. What makes you think of him like that? Genuine question as I've not seen that much of him tbf.
  15. KWP is really good, thanks so much to Spurs for letting us take him. He's getting better too. One silly mistake where he tried to beat a third man in a dangerous position, hopefully Ralph has a word. Before the game would have taken a point but when you see a chance missed by Theo that we know Danny would've stuck away it's a little frustrating. But to go 7 unbeaten and staying in 5th position can't be sniffed at. Good to see Theo end his barren 15 year goalless run. Armstrong and Djenepo need to stop giving the ball away so much in the middle of the park, it leaves us very exposed.
  16. Anyone else quite enjoying watching fanless football?
  17. To be fair to the bloke we've hired Ralph, Crocker & Semmens while he's been the owner. We're seemingly on the up in all areas of the club, maybe turbulence and change isn't what we need right now? Not saying he's the perfect owner, you'll understand.
  18. I was just about to go all MLG on you and say we didn't have Ings under Hughes but indeed we did! Bloody hell, that's how crap Hughes was, I forgot we had one of our best players in recent years during his tenure.
  19. From the outside it probably does look like our squad isn't all that special. We've got one or two top, top players but other than that to most Premier League fans our team and squad looks fairly average I'd imagine. The difference lies in their ability to perform superbly as a unit and exceed expectations. Gotta be largely thanks to the management team. Trouble is we can go from looking world beaters one week to relegation candidates the next, so we'll probably end up around mid-table as a result
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