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  1. Salisu MOTM, Vestergaard did well too. Defensively we were decent but a complete lack of intensity and our usual pressing game meant overall we were flat and unadventurous. Probably didn't deserve a point but thankfully Chelsea were blunt in attack. Moussa ran his socks off, had a better 2nd half than he did 1st. Redmond, boy oh boy he doesn't deserve to be starting. Fair play to him he got a great assist, so he deserves credit for that, but the rest of his game was dreadful. He's clumsy, lacks finishing quality and should never play as a striker. He now has 1 assist in his last 16 P
  2. Undoubtedly. When their man got sent off I knew it was game over for us. We never do well against 10 men, and then 9 well... not 9 either apparently.
  3. He interviewed for the job and a certain board member (who shall remain nameless) at the time was very, very keen on it happening.
  4. Who? 😂 Seriously had completely forgotten about them. I'm glad they're laughing, at least that gives them something to smile about and an opportunity to forget they are an absolute nothing club.
  5. This forum is incredible. When a player plays badly (now it's the turn of McCarthy and Redmond) people point it out and suggest a change. Then someone like trousers will come on and say something like "yeh but what if they go on and play badly then you geniuses will all slag them off?". So we're never allowed to talk about players being off form? We're never allowed to suggest changes in the team? If somebody plays badly people will talk about it. If someone plays well they'll talk about it. McCarthy has been playing dreadfully recently and Fraser has been playing well. It's not roc
  6. Everything ok? Try watching the game. If a player plays horribly, people will point it out.
  7. It's like playing with 10 against 12 with Redmond on the pitch. What on earth does he have on Ralph?
  8. It's important for us, you silly sausage. It's a Premier League game in which we're involved in. Who gives a f**k about what anyone else will think about it? Now that Europe looks unlikely does that mean we don't care where we finish in the league or what results we get in our remaining games? Football fans in this day and age, honestly. Desperate for social media likes and attention from "the big clubs" and pundits. As the song goes, We are Southampton, we don't care about you. Totally agree. Redmond needs to drop out of the squad not just the starting 11. Djenepo at least tries
  9. Redmond is diabolical. Genuinely can't think of a single strength of his.
  10. If you don't get dropped after conceding 16 goals in the last 4 games when do you get dropped? It's not just the goals conceded either, against Newcastle McCarthy was really poor especially for their 3rd goal. If Fraser doesn't get his chance (after he impressed in his games let's remember) then Ralph isn't paying attention.
  11. It was Ralph who said Salisu is "the future of Southampton"
  12. They're clearly both good things. Winning the cup and then getting into Europe. They're both good. Make sure you don't watch any of the European games should we get there after winning the cup, 'cause who cares ey?
  13. Has to be Forster. You have to earn your place in the team. McCarthy hasn't done so in the games he's played recently and Fraser has. No brainer.
  14. http://ovostreams.com/aston-villa-vs-arsenaln.php (ignore the wrong teams in the URL) very good so far. If it doesn't work there are loads here: https://soccer.streamsgate.tv/event/newcastle-united-vs-southampton-match-preview/
  15. Was just about to ask if I was the only one who wants to see Fraser back in goal today. Not because I don't rate McCarthy, he's done pretty well during Ralph's tenure overall and I don't think the 9-0 was his fault, but I feel FF deserves his chance after a couple clean sheets. Also, something about seeing him in goal gives me confidence. Perhaps it's just nostalgia for the Koeman days, but I think his big frame genuinely makes a psychological difference to opposition strikers. Having said that I remember his slow motion dives and makes me wonder if I'm being nuts asking for his recall.
  16. According to Ralph "Romeu can be back and Jannick can be back, Kyle is maybe an option for the weekend". So sounds like Ori and JV will be straight back into the team with KWP on the bench or maybe starting. If our defence is KWP Bednarek Vestergaard Bertrand then I'm suddenly looking forward to the game again! Lets have this then please: Forster, KWP, Bednarek, Vestergaard, Bertrand, Romeu, JWP, Redmond, Minamino, Ings, Adams
  17. Doubt Lallana will be interested in coming back tbf
  18. It's not irrelevant though. All those things can be true simultaneously. We were shite, I don't see many people denying that. It's also true that VAR is a farce at the moment and we've been royally screwed in recent weeks by some shocking decisions using the technology. It's also true that Mike Dean and most refs in the Prem are atrocious and massively, massively biased towards the big clubs. The sleeves, well ffs are you happy with sleeves being called offside? Wouldn't matter if the decision was going against us or against Crawley Town, that's pathetic and causing many to fall out
  19. Despite what I wrote there's a lot in there that I agree with from qwertyell. And Toussaint you're right too, I've edited my post so it reads "it's not entirely his fault". I'm sure he knows he has to take some of the blame which is why he's hurting so bad. We are far, far too weak holding on to leads, and did he really say that after the Fulham game? That we'd have zero chance of coming back from a goal down? I find that really hard to believe, but sadly I am inclined to. Still behind Ralph.
  20. Such a shame as we'd be nailed on for a victory against Newcastle if we didn't have 478 players injured/suspended. Can only see a Newcastle win, which will in a strange way be more painful to take than the Manure thumping. Have we ever had an injury list this long? I certainly can't remember one, happy to be educated. I wouldn't mind seeing Forster come in, but that's not purely down to the 9-0, I've enjoyed watching him recently. Think it was harsh to drop him after keeping 2 clean sheets one of which being the champions. Perhaps something like this? Forster / Ramsay Tch
  21. Feel gutted for Ralph, you can see how much this means to him and how much it hurts. It's not entirely his fault. He has to take some responsibility as ultimately he's the manager, and how we always absolutely capitulate after going down to 10 men is a great concern (we also struggle to break teams down when they go down to 10) but he's dealing with a threadbare squad and some woeful woeful refereeing decisions in recent weeks. He's turned it around before, he'll do it again. Seeing how sad he was during the interviews made me want to give him a hug. He loves this club and he's hurting li
  22. Mike Dean. Lee Mason. Edison Cavani. Old Trafford. Manchester f*cking United. You just know what's gonna happen. Is there a scummier team in world football?
  23. Putting my personal relationship with Theo to one side, I totally agree with you on his decision making and it's something he is aware of too. Having said that if he can sign on massively reduced wages then a free transfer would be worth it.
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