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  1. Just watched the highlights again. God damn we were so close to that cup. Aside from the onside goal which was ruled out, Ori hit the post as you said, Redmond had a cracking volley saved, Bertrand was inches away from a Cedric cross, DeGea made a decent stop from Prowsey, Tadic totally fluffed a great opportunity (surprise surprise), Steven Davis had a great game. Man Utd had their chances too. Good game, great day.
  2. Sorry if already discussed, but for the first time in what seems like a long time we appear to have goals all around the team. Last season with Ings out for any length of time we'd have been totally fudged, but this season we're far more potent going forward. So far the goals have already been spread out a little: Ings - 5 Che - 3 JWP - 3 Vester - 2 Armstrong - 1 Ori - 1 Djen - 1 I think Walcott's arrival has helped, even though he hasn't scored yet. His direct running is something we've missed as Redmond hasn't been fulfilling his role in that rega
  3. Not old enough to leave this world. RIP
  4. They could have let his free shirt deal expire, instead they called him to make sure he used it in time. Nice gesture.
  5. Ah mate commiserations, that's the worst 😩
  6. Ralph really is working wonders on our players. Vester is another to have dramatically improved under him.
  7. We were all ready to go out and celebrate something good. Something big. It looks like we won the league, in fact we have won the league. Stop the goal count!
  8. Can't speak for others, but my comment wasn't a criticism of Stephens. Rather a comment on how it's hard to watch a centre back playing at left back because it stifles our attacks and momentum. Not a slight on Jack.
  9. Because they're all absolute idiots who don't seem to understand the game. Seriously. If we hadn't been so careless with possession we could be further ahead here. Stephens at left back is difficult to watch, not a single forward pass. Armstrong and Theo giving it away a lot. Overall good, just sloppy in many areas and we won't hold a 1-0 lead playing like that.
  10. Just missing out on 1st place and not being able to watch? Gotta be worse than winning it.
  11. Bit weird. What ever floats your boat I suppose. Trousers is right, the club should be more transparent with us but they won't. It must be something they don't want other clubs knowing about, they don't get anything out of hiding info from us. Unless they're worried of a fans backlash for buying a crocked player... not gonna happen.
  12. Psssst... you're supposed to keep the batshit crazy stuff to yourself
  13. Remarkable isn't it? So strange how the phenomenon of football betting has encouraged a generation to boast about their sickness, and how their addiction has become a part of the culture. Brexit, the disregard of covid restrictions in many places, record numbers regularly donating money to bookmakers... the UK is not awash with intelligence.
  14. Agree that the bench looks a little light but hopefully we'll see N'dundalundu get his debut
  15. Can we reach out to MLG and make sure he's ok?
  16. Salisu su su push pineapple shake the treeSalisu su su push pineapple grind coffee
  17. What's the baby shark song at SMS? I hope none of the lyrics are changed from the original.
  18. I think the overall thing about Portsmouth at this present time is they're unbeaten so far in the League, and whilst you could argue that their draw at the weekend doesn't technically count as three points what you can't deny is that they were awarded only one point for the draw.
  19. Thank goodness for that. They would absolutely murder us at the moment.
  20. It was far more interesting when they weren't quite so monumentally s**t.
  21. Interesting to hear that they get high when they beat teams though... Cook just went up in my estimation.
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