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  1. It's amusing how all the skates have got on us right now is the fact that the crowd noise was dubbed over the PA system at SMS for one pre-season friendly game about 3 years ago! Woe is us, woe is us!
  2. Lol at Coventry fans singing Pay up Pompey
  3. They've more than likely just secured another dodgy loan which will enable them to pay off the other clubs in a few days, haven't they? That's what I assumed anyway.
  4. That is a fantastic interview for a Southampton fan to listen to. Jacobs continually dodges questions and sounds out of his depth. Brilliant.
  5. Crouch 90k a week, Utaka 80k, Campbell 100k, Defoe? James? Primus ()? It soon adds up.
  6. They won't have the b*llocks to do it will they?
  7. Legends though. Equally as important as Keegan and Channon for us IMO.
  8. Is that thing before the 1 meant to be a £?!
  9. Everyone seems to be forgetting the minutes silence impeccably observed at SMS for Aaron Flahaven. It's pretty embarrassing for the human race that we even have to criticize people for not respecting a minutes silence for a loved one, but that's how low some Pompey fans are/were that night. Getting back on track, have they gone bust yet?
  10. Oh make no mistake, FP is one of the worst football grounds in the country. The facilities for away supporters are practically nonexistent. It doesn't deserve Premier League football or any football in the Football League for that matter. It's a dreadful place to spend precious time which you'll never get back.
  11. Blimey all the Skates are coming out of the wood work tonight! It must be too depressing on their own forums.
  12. Sorry mate I think I got that one. I don't deserve the honour to be fair, I've hardly posted on this thread. You can have it if you want.
  13. I genuinely feel sorry for Portsmouth over this (no really) but I now remember why I stil feel a little bit of glee following this news. It's because of that pr*ck Corp Ho. Corp, if PFC go under, you personally deserve all the misery you get out of it. In fact it's probably your fault that karma has dealt this blow on the Skates. It's all down to you mate, I reckon. And I don't even believe in karma. Still your fault though. To PES and all the good Skates, I'm genuinely sorry for you, but Corpy can **** off.
  14. If I knew how to post smilies I'd put an applauding one right here.
  15. I personally think the Skates would fit quite well in that list.
  16. LOL. I'm really starting to love Portsmouth. They're bringing me so much joy and laughter in difficult times for Saints. Why do we hate them again? Funny little club.
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