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  1. Basically - if you need to draw lines to be able to tell then it is automatically onside. Sounds doable to me.
  2. Whilst technically yes, tourists visit Auchwitz, calling it tourist attraction suggests, to me at least, a very different place/experience than is actually the case. I challenge even the most liberal amongst us to visit Auchwitz and not have it make an impact upon their outlook on life and make them reflect on how they view people who are different from themselves.
  3. Took me a second read to realise what you meant by "take care of it". Thought you were referring to some sort of orphanage at first...
  4. Interest is accruing though. The repayments not starting until 2025 doesn't mean that it isn't a good idea to reduce the balance before then (which we may or may not be able to do under the terms).
  5. Congrats on the new job. One note of caution though. No matter how aggrieved person A might be it is rarely a good idea to "let rip" in an exit interview - although that isn't what you said that you were intending to do, it sounds as though you might be considering it. By all means let them know that you felt undervalued but I would try to avoid burning bridges unless there is no other option. Congrats again. B
  6. I won't claim to be an expert. Some experience from the employers' side but that's all so happy to defer. My reasoning was that it sounds from the OP as though person A was seconded elsewhere - which implies that they would (in theory at least) be returning. If they were to return then there are now two people and only one role. Hence why I suggested that they might be both asked to reapply for the role as part of a process. N.B. Posts where people question why another poster said that they are wrong can often come across as unnecessarily aggressive. I hope this
  7. Sorry to say this if SO16 is Person A but I think Weston's assessment is correct. Even if Person A has over 2 years experience I would have thought that if there was a redundnacy process and Person A and Person B were both asked to apply for the only remaining post then it would be reasonably easy for the employer to select Person B becuase the end client has asked that Person A not work in that role. I hope it isn't you SO16 but good luck to Person A in either event.
  8. Wow... must be really special!! but two lines later: LOL. So Manchester United and Juventus are just two footballing powerhouses that use the same equipment but then again so are Fleetwood and Rochdale.
  9. Sounds like they will... before "costs".
  10. How much are houses worth in Fratton? He's buying the club, including the stadium, for £5m ish. If they put out some exciting looking plans for a new stadium and ground share "whilst the plans are being finalised" - could he make a profit from just developing the ground into houses/flats and then selling a homeless club for £1 a year or so later?
  11. Price. That's about it... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Like Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. You are right, it's your/their board and you can do what you like. I also agree that a google search doesn't take long - however, I have a mental picture of you going through a full list of forum members and googling each in turn - which would be a bit odd. You said that camdijk was found with a quick google search. The implication being that you normally have to work much harder to find "us". As I said, you can do what you like but the zeal with which you collectively brandish your pitchforks continually raises my eyebrows.
  14. You spend your time googling forum members' user names on the off chance that they might be scummers?
  15. Exactly. I'd never say never but there is no reason why this guy (or anybody else) should be interested. I did notice that the PCFC board statement didn't actually reference the rumour at all, just said that they would update if they ever actually found any investment. Probably just the board having nowhere else to go for money putting out a rumour as a fishing (boom-tish) exercise.
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