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  1. Typical of you - always trying to deflect the plaudits away from others. I too was going to massively vouch for FT's credentials as well (not that I've any idea who he/she is), but forgot to and so also missed out on the abuse. You won't find me mentioning it on here though. The Dean Henderson transfer though - well that's a different matter.......
  2. I can't help thinking that Fraser's late second half drop kicks being shanked towards his right (my left as I looked on from the Chapel) were all deliberate. It seemed a case of - we'll give Spurs the ball back but from deep in their own half so that we can keep our shape in midfield and at the back. Stuart Armstrong gave Fraser a massive above the head clap from that position after the ball had gone straight out at one point - hence I think it was a deliberate tactic. Ultimately it worked. Let's see how he kicks it on Sunday.
  3. I need some advice from well travelled road users as my evening game experience is pretty grim usually. I'n travelling down the A34 and will typically loop round the M27 heading east and, leave at the Bursledon exit and go over the Itchen bridge. This is a long way round the city but the motorway usually is free flowing. Can anyone offer a better quicker route without massive jams? Some ask i know! There's obviously the airport junction or The Avenue but I don't know how these are typically during evening matches or where best to park if coming in one of these.
  4. Not at all impressed by Perraud from a very causal glance at those three minutes. i was expecting him to have played a key role in all four goals and weighed in with a direct free kick for a fifth. if he doesn't sort it out for the next game then I feel a loan spell in L1 might be needed to toughen the boy (as Dave Merrington will no doubt start calling him) up a little......
  5. Do we know why KWP went off? Injured or tactical? If the latter then why disrupt the midfield. Better surely for Diallo to come off for OR?
  6. I have to disagree I'm afraid. I spent a large part of the first half wondering where the midfield had gone - especially when the WBA midfield were running in behind. Diallo frequently seemed to be in full FIFA21 mode - just charging forward at all the wrong times. If you watch the build up to the first goal (pen) you can see both JWP and Diallo caught forward (albeit marginally) and Maitland-Niles then running into a cavernous space behind them. Shades of the 2nd half of the Leeds game all over again. I was shouting at the TV for one or both of them just to sit in for a bit and Theo
  7. Interesting that the only shirt (i think) that they haven't produced in this range yet is the classic 1989 - 1991 home shirt, the first time we wore 'traditional' stripes for years. That shirt brings back some very happy memories of Shearer, MLT, Rod Wallace etc in a 4-2-4 formation. Now.......why would that shirt not be produced along with all the others I wonder.....??🕵️‍♂️
  8. Didn't Lawrie always say we need violinists and road sweepers? Or was that Claude Puel..........?😉
  9. Treated myself to watching the whole match again - this time without the stress but with the ability to look at certain players and watch what they were doing. The main thing that struck me second time round was the work rate Theo put in defending. Many times (including the first half when it was a more even match) he sprinted back to provide defensive cover. We all know he's quick but when that pace is used to defend and get back in shape it's a great asset to have. I must admit the second half second time round was still stressful - in terms of much of that Liverpool build up play do
  10. It's a while ago now but he had extreme balance and could get on the ball early and beat a player on either side. He could turn and pirouette on the proverbial pound coin and so always got the ball and team moving forward in midfield. I won't say anymore as things can change so quickly but you could see the natural attributes were there, and there's no reason why they shouldn't still be there. Hopefully the rest is down to full time professional coaching rather than enthusiastic amateur coaching! I'll say again that he has a very grounded family and so hopefully all the support is in place
  11. I was lucky enough to see a lot of his football going through the age groups (my son played in the same team). He's a lovely lad, his parents I'm sure are keeping him grounded and let's hope he can build a career from here. It's a great example of a young boy with all the attributes that somehow the scouting nets failed to find, finally entering the system and benefitting from full time coaching. Good luck to Kegs!
  12. I've been thinking and, although by know means fully formed (some may say half-baked), I do have an idea. It's called 'wild card' - see, I'm already ticking the important U.S. box. This simply means that Liverpool get five 'wild card' match choices a season. They can select any game as a wild card choice (other than against a fellow Top 6 team - Man City, Saints etc) and automatically be awarded a 3-0 win. So they can avoid tricky away games at Turf Moor, annoying long away games e.g. Brighton, or boring mid week easy games e.g. Arsenal. When they play a wild card for a fixture they
  13. Plenty of talk earlier about biased reporting but this clip from The Guardian (yes i know no one reads it😉) is typical of the London media's inherent blinkers. At the time the commentators on TV were lauding the blind pass from Jorginho that led to their second goal. The same too on MOTD last night. I then thought Oriel's pass was near enough exactly the same - and led to Che scoring. Here's how The Guardian saw both passes: 1. Jorginho swept a glorious ball over the top and Werner lobbed McCarthy before nodding into the empty net. 2. Chelsea’s loss of composure was summed up
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