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  1. Seeing the state of those bogs at Aston Gate after the Cardiff visit,that sheep must have put up one hell of a fight.
  2. As per usual,more rumours on possible departures than arrivals.
  3. Would make a change from hitting the floor.
  4. None are suitable. "Saints" will upset Muslims "Rovers" will upset the travelling community "Fremantle" might upset people from Australia "Soton" (being a shortened name) will upset short people "Antelope" will upset animals ( and probably Chris Packham.
  5. No winners from tales like this,only lots of losers.
  6. Another day of reading about who Newcastle may or may not be buying.
  7. Er,no. Finance was mentioned in my post.
  8. Totally agree,however I am not naive enough to think that SFC is anything but a "bit part player " within this warped league.
  9. We have the same opportunity to strengthen our side before we play them. All down to finance........and ambition.
  10. The transfer thread just debates other clubs signings. We have some obvious weak links but just upgrading one or two of these seems to be beyond the club. Not expecting ( or wanting ) an influx of superstars or mercenaries,but some progression in quality in one position would be nice.
  11. Too many players being consistently played out of position for any sustained progress to be achieved.
  12. Oh so self inflicted,oh so predictable.
  13. All stemmed from a needless backpass for the first card.
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