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  1. No need to hunt around for an Ings replacement,answer already on the books.
  2. They will still wake up tomorrow as multi millionaires.
  3. Mancini doing all he can to win this,Southgate has gone home.
  4. Southgate,s limitations begin exposed,could see it slipping and done nothing.
  5. Bloody carthorse up front.
  6. Can they not play a different way ? Seen enough to know how this is going to pan out.
  7. The Spanish keeper looks a better fit for us judging by what I have just seen.
  8. If he goes elsewhere due to the usual SFC inertia,it won't show up in either season.
  9. If you removed their foreign teammates they wouldn't have got within sight of those finals.
  10. Get the beers in and sit and enjoy the football that most of the other countries can serve up. We have the best domestic league in the world,but only because of the contribution of foreign players.With the odd exception the domestic product is dross,highlighted every tournament.
  11. Two teams,both without a cat in hells chance of winning this competition.
  12. He was too slow in sorting out a transfer to a big team and as a consequence,misses out.
  13. Salty atmosphere and seagull shit,never going to end well.
  14. For the owner,turning a profit on these players would not be seen as a step backwards.
  15. Covid has played its part,but don't let this lot ruin your summer.
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