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  1. The ROI sussed out Long a while back,but not this head in the sand club.
  2. Shane Long reminds me of a faithful old sheepdog,years of service but well past its use. Time to back the Land Rover over it.
  3. The team sheet has Shame Long on it,is he playing as no mention of him in the Solent commentary yet.
  4. Dare I say it,any chance of getting any of the deadwood back until the injury crises is over ?
  5. No longer getting the chances to miss,this game,s done.
  6. With all the whinning still coming out of Liverpool,it would be a great time to be a Merseyside WD40 salesman.
  7. Wrong platform for this rant mate.
  8. What a stress fest that was. Off to RAWK for a laugh.
  9. I have the memory of those Utd players crying on the pitch at the end. Don't need anything else.
  10. Another naive performance,corner well and truly turned.
  11. One side trying to win it, the other side just trying.
  12. Going to require a significant improvement or a good slice of luck to get a win here.
  13. Needed Djenepo or Redmond to have a decent game,sadly both rarely do.
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