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  1. Despite the fact I'm genuinely excited by what the new manager will bring to the table I fear that losing feeling we have is too deeply embedded. We are currently paying dearly for a shocking 2 seasons or so of mismanagement and we may have to drop and burn before we rise from the ashes. I hope Hasenhuttl can drag us out of it and build a squad around his philosophy but I fear he could be doing it with Championship players at this rate.
  2. Agreed. He talks the talk but walking the walk with our current squad will certainly be a challenge!
  3. We needed a new leader, so Krueger looked on Google He typed in decent manager and up came Hasenhuttl He sounded like the business, and he was mates with Klopp So he gave the bloke a phone call, and offered him the job To the Gabbiadini/Lamborghini tune of course
  4. I'd only want Sam until the end of the season and then bring someone else in to rebuild the squad and reignite the youth system over the summer. Giving Hughes the 3 year contract for making us slightly less rubbish than Swansea was our worst mistake in recent memory.
  5. I haven't seen us win since April 2017. I've haven't felt this despondent since the Branfoot era.
  6. I go to watch us play on a fairly regular basis and the last time I saw us win was 5/4/2017 against Palace. It utterly amazes me that we're still in the Premier League.
  7. Big Sam please. The man has a fantastic record of turning teams in trouble around and I think we'd all agree we are a team in trouble. He will galvanise the squad and get the best out of the players we have. IF he keeps us up then who knows where we go in the Summer...
  8. He'll go to Arsenal at the end of next season when Wenger retires.
  9. I don't think it will. I think this will result in some sort of legal precedent as home fans will claim you can't charge one person £75 to sit in a seat with exactly the same view and facilities as the away fans who are paying £30.
  10. Good news. This will undoubtedly lead to tickets for home fans being reduced as well.
  11. Agreed. Thought he looked like their best player.
  12. No worries!! Have mailed you.
  13. Message not getting through. It says you can't receive them? Think you might have to be a full member?
  14. I don't suppose it was a self print ticket?
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