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  1. Those were the days when football was fun. Great memories.
  2. My view is that he lacks the basic speed to unsettle Premiership defences, the nous to release the ball consistently to a Saints player, a shot that is often little more than a scuff and a non-existent heading ability. Other than that he's not bad.
  3. Cliché perhaps but results will determine the outcome here as it always does. Ralph's system is OK for Man City but we lack the quality to pick defences apart and finish chances clinically. I sense the players know this too, hence the interminable safety first recycling to nowhere. And no, I don't have a solution.
  4. Tommy Mulgrew, Jimmy Melia, Dave McClaren, etc etc etc
  5. This x100. Backup squad player at best. Hopeless, hopeless, hopeless.
  6. Re Redmond, isn't he in the team to run at the opposition's defence as per Ralph's system? If Theo was fit, Redmond would be on the bench.
  7. Nothing. It's great to watch but it places huge, unsustainable demands on the players. It's clear that using the Academy as backup is not tenable hence the need to either invest in the squad or change the system.
  8. Maybe it's just a question of whether Ralph's style is compatible with a club of Southampton's size and resources? Either he gets the backing to invest in the squad, or he changes his system, or we look elsewhere. Personally, I don't think he will change the system so it comes down to ownership and backing.
  9. That would have been Stoke if Stan Matthews was playing. He would have been 49 and from what little I remember he seemed disinterested. Maybe a couple of tough tackles had put him off!
  10. On the evidence of the way he took his goal, a class player. Made others look ponderous. Reminded me a bit of David Connolly at his best.
  11. To continue a theme, Shelvey's chance early in the second half came when Redmond failed to keep up with him.
  12. What no one has mentioned is the unimpeded run goal scorer Willock had from midfield.
  13. Sometimes you just have to believe what you see with your own eyes. Results will determine the eventual outcome for the manager but sides look to have us sussed now and it's going to be a struggle.
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