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  1. He's certainly not garbage but will not make the grade unless his concentration improves.
  2. I still think this squad is capable of doing better. Ralphs approach of picking a playing style and then matching players to positions is clearly not working and the players know it. The trouble is, I suspect Ralph would rather fail than change the system.
  3. Me too. Fantastic atmosphere. If I close my eyes I can still see George Kirby shoulder charging their goalkeeper into the net with the ball still in his hands. It would never be allowed to stand today!
  4. My view is that this squad is capable of doing better. I'd be happy to give EH a shot at it as Ralph I sense has hit his ceiling.
  5. FF was offered a new contract but turned it down. My inference from that is that FF was preferred over AM but as he is obviously leaving at the end of the season and AM has signed a new contract, AM will be #1 this season and #2 thereafter when a replacement for FF is signed.
  6. The cross into to C-L was clearly telegraphed. It would be a bad goal to give away at any level let alone the Premiership.
  7. That's even worse than I thought and the obvious weakness areas of GK and CB have still not been addressed. Watching Stephens trailing in behind Calvert-Lewin for yesterday's 3rd makes me almost despair.
  8. Maybe it is just stubbornness and tactical naivety. I can't understand why he doesn't seem to expect the opposition to counter his set up in the second half of games and then have any counter measures of his own to call upon. Other teams do it for heavens sake. Maybe he'll see the light after yesterday's debacle but I'm not holding my breath.
  9. So either he changes the system, or we buy the players needed, or he goes.
  10. The system needs good players and we don't have enough of them. Results will force the board's hand eventually but the outcome looks inevitable based on this performance.
  11. 1. The club's need to balance the books. 2. DI and JV not signing new contracts. 3. Known interest in JWP from AV at least
  12. Sorry, it was a poster on this forum who said he knew JWP. Not verified anywhere else so far as I know. Fits the known facts though.
  13. My reading is that the club had to sell two of JV, JWP and DI to raise the necessary funds. That fits with a earlier report quoting JWP as saying 'it's up to the club'.
  14. No brainer. He clearly wanted a move so better £30M for a replacement now than nothing in 12 months time. That's football.
  15. Let him go if the alternative is he goes on a free at the end of next season, subject to fitness issues of course. His fitness alone is why we should already have backups in the pipeline.
  16. And maybe work with a relatively successful manager for a change.
  17. Today should have convinced any doubters that Adams needs to be moved on. And include Redmond in that category also.
  18. Not lived up to early promise. No.
  19. Not sure if this link has been posted before, but it paints a picture of a manager somewhat at odds with his team. http://www.prostinternational.com/2021/04/13/an-evening-spent-listening-to-ralph-hasenhuttl/
  20. I agree. At its most simplistic, the game is all about good players and we just do not have enough of them. Ralph's system is good for disrupting the opposition but if that advantage cannot be converted into goals it ultimately becomes self defeating when we tire in the second half of games. As I've said before there are just 3 options. Invest in the squad, change the system or change the manager.
  21. Exactly this. Skill by itself is now no longer enough at this level.
  22. Those were the days when football was fun. Great memories.
  23. My view is that he lacks the basic speed to unsettle Premiership defences, the nous to release the ball consistently to a Saints player, a shot that is often little more than a scuff and a non-existent heading ability. Other than that he's not bad.
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