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  1. Cracking goal from Tielemans. If they go on and win, that would be a worthy winner in any final.
  2. A class act, quality defensively and in possession. Personally, I would have been happy to see him stay on for a couple more years, but let's hope we can sign a younger replacement with some quality who can step into his boots. Can't help speculating that there may have been some kind of tension recently with Ralph reading his Twitter sign off. Seems odd he would thank Semmens and Crocker but not mention the manager? The comment about finding a new home that allows him "freedom to play and maximise his contribution to the team" is interesting. A hint of unhappiness with how Ralph has ask
  3. Better start this half, just need to be sharper in final third now.
  4. Looking at the table now, it's a good job Fulham have slipped back into a poor run of form recently or we could have been looking at a pretty high points total to stay up this year.
  5. Leicester now looking over their shoulders at teams bunching up behind them in the table. They blew a champs league spot last season with a poor late run of league form, won’t want the same thing to happen again this season. Securing top 4 spot surely more of a priority for them than the FA Cup (he says hopefully)?
  6. Offside (says VAR anyway!)
  7. The logic now with these VAR reviews of tackles seems to be “well that looks bad on the slow mo replay so he has to go”, no account taken of the overall situation in real life speed. That one shouldn’t be a red, he clearly had full intent to play the ball and did so, just caught the player in the follow through. Poor use of VAR yet again.
  8. It's going to be interesting to see which way Ralph goes with this. Personally I think he will want to maintain the momentum of the last couple of games and give the likes of Ings & Theo another game to get them fully up to speed before the semi final. So I think it's unlikely he will make changes unless there are particular worries over fitness or knocks.
  9. Leicester/Man U would be least worst draw for us in my opinion.
  10. Well played Nathan Redmond, pleased for him. Clearly he has had a poor season, but he has always been a confidence player and this performance and 2 good goals and a fine assist should do him the power of good for the rest of the season if he can stay fit.
  11. Can't complain at that side. Should be good enough to win if they perform. COYR!
  12. Yep. Also, our squad is criminally light in some positions currently and the club needs to address that, not just Ralph. Getting shot of Ralph won't change the fact we only have 2 premier league quality centre midfielders at the club, which is crazy and was bound to catch up with us at some point this season.
  13. My advice is you should give up following football. If you think the chance of winning a cup is meaningless, what's the point?
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