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  1. Yes, agree the sudden clamour about signing more backup at RB (and Ralph's own comments) seemed odd to me. As Ralph has seemed reluctant to use Perraud so far, it would make slightly more sense if we were looking at LB options? KWP is a more than adequate substitute for Livramento and arguably should have been playing at RB more often so far this season anyway.
  2. Think for Prem league it's based on how many "first team" squad players teams have left available. So effectively any absences count, whatever the reason.
  3. Recently, we often seem to get Prem opponents that we are about to play in the league in cup draws. So I predict we'll get Spurs away.
  4. Hard to say whether it would have made a difference with this particular injury but I can't help feeling that we have pushed Tino too far with too many games for such a young player. It seemed pretty clear that he was tired in some of the games in recent months so ought to have been given a rest, particularly given that we did have decent backup with KWP and Perraud in the squad to cover full back positions.
  5. Forster Stephens Salisu Bednarek Redmond JWP Diallo Perraud S.Armstrong Elyonoussi Broja I thought Romeu had a poor game by his standards last night and looked very weary towards the end so would rest him if we can for this one.
  6. Agree with all the above especially the need to sub JWP or Romeu in second halves. With the formation and high intensity style Ralph uses, it seems obvious that it requires huge energy from the centre mids and that they will tire and make more mistakes late in games. Even more so in periods like this with lots of games. Given that Ralph has spoken out in favour of 5 subs being allowed in the prem it's baffling that he is so slow to use the 3 he is allowed in games like this. He needs to trust the likes of Diallo much more.
  7. Back to back clean sheet wins innit? Why make a change at the back?
  8. I'd be more concerned if they were not making the opportunities and getting in positions to score. Sometimes you have to be patient and the rewards will come.
  9. I agree and personally would start with Adams and Armstrong again. They both played well in last game. Che seems to be a striker who goes on a run once he gets in the goals and Armstrong seems like he is on the brink of some real form so would stick with him for this one. Broja will definitely play a part from the bench anyway.
  10. Still baffled by the omission of Stuart Armstrong again. Presumably not injured as on the bench. I don’t understand why we would be starting Moi or Redmond in preference to him, sorry. Otherwise team is as I would have expected.
  11. Big game for Broja and Albania tonight, home to Poland. Albania currently ahead of Poland in 2nd in the group.
  12. Agreed. Remember the 3 all Palace Liverpool game a few years ago that pretty much decided the title as well? It's those games that are the best thing about the Prem these days, which you would lose if the numbers were cut. Suarez crying on the pitch at the end. Golden memories.
  13. What a player Antonio has become. Match winner again for West Ham today.
  14. Yes agree. Broja looks good so far and I'm sure he is definitely going add a lot to our group of strikers as looks to have some attributes the others don't have in terms of speed and power. But it was just a cameo and you have to take into account it's easier to have an impact with fresh legs vs tired defenders. So shouldn't get too carried away about him yet imo.
  15. Makes a nice change for us to get something with a goal on 90+6. Got to be happyish with an away point in the circumstances.
  16. Reckon that article is probably an over-dramatic interpretation of what has happened from the Everton viewpoint. (Who would have thought it from the Liverpool Echo?) Basically he was offered a pro contract and decided not to take it up and go elsewhere. Perfectly within his rights to do that if he thinks he will get more opportunities elsewhere.
  17. West Ham also signed Craig Dawson from Watford. Not sure on the fee (suspect pretty modest) but he has been credited with making a huge difference for them defensively since signed, originally on loan. Remember also in terms of our signings, VVD was signed from a British club, as were Fonte and Bertrand, all very successful defensive signings.
  18. Interesting that some seem to equate signing players from abroad as a guarantee of quality. Personally, think we should be looking to sign a CB with a few hundred games behind them in UK football this time preferably. Must say I don't know a lot about this Caleta Car guy though.
  19. The manager has to take responsibility for not doing more to address it..., But for me it's just as much a personnel and recruitment issue as it is blindingly obvious that we need an experienced organiser at the back and has been for a couple of seasons. And yet we are still obsessed with bringing in more players who are the "right age" or will be "the future of the club". What about what we need for the present so we don't keep losing winnable games like this?
  20. Same old same old. We don't have strong enough players with enough know how to manage the second halves of games like this where we have started well. Until we sign some men in the core positions of CB and CM with some know how and experience, not much will change irrespective of what Ralph does with tactics and selection.
  21. Not the starting line up I would have expected. But it’s start of season so maybe Ralph is responding to who looks most ready in training at this point? Which obviously we don’t see.
  22. With all the centre mids that have left in last year or so (Hojbjerg, Reed, Lemina, Slattery, Jankewitz), I find it surprising if Ralph wouldn't want another player in that area, even if just for backup.
  23. I think you miss the point a bit with your opening comment. I don't think many saw Vestergaard as perfect by any means. For several seasons, we have lacked an experienced organiser at centre back and we have seen the results of that in the performances defensively. Replacing Vestergaard in the squad with a more inexperienced player is hardly likely to help with that issue, so we need to make sure whoever we sign can compete for a starting place straight away and preferably has the character and experience to help out some of the younger players we already have. Take your point they d
  24. I hope you are wrong about that. As it stands, Stephens is 3rd choice CB and will be straight in the side if Salisu or Bednarek pick up an injury or are out of form. That's not a situation anyone should be satisfied with! Simeu I think should be thought of primarily as a B team player for this season as has very little experience. So we certainly need a replacement for Vest and it ought to be a player who can contend straight away for a starting place. Personally I wouldn't be against signing an older defender with some experience (Cahill mould) as our team is crying out for more experie
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