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  1. They’re diving in all over the pitch. Worrying.
  2. Ben Godfrey at right-back is their noticeable weak spot too. Hopefully Bertrand keeps making attacking runs.
  3. Is everyone trying to one up each other with the shit ideas in football at the moment? “Government requirements are that players coming to play here should be internationally established at the highest level; making a significant contribution to football; and not taking the place of already settled talent.“ We can’t afford such players. We would not be able to sign Diallo under such rules.
  4. HarvSFC

    Josh Sims

    I was surprised he had to drop down to League One level to be honest.
  5. Already had a go at Ings previously - https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/sport/16505157.southampton-manager-mark-hughes-sides-2-1-defeat-everton/
  6. Next week, Liverpool and United will be in talks to merge as one, as the two “super teams” in England, becoming Liverchester United and they will play in their own one team league with no relegations.
  7. Release clause is bad. Hoped he would now look to end his career here as a Southampton lad. Someone would surely look to activate it, if his scoring form continues. Goals are most definitely the hardest thing to replace in football, and I don't back us in being able to replace him whatever the fee we receive. See us with the VvD money and were that went and also Spurs with the Bale money.
  8. Yeah, I've always wondered where the space was for Jaidi to return following this stint. Nice to have former players in the staff, but if it's purely for sentimental reasons then it isn't often a success. Good luck to him, but I think we're now looking to move on from that period of just settling with what we have got, or at least giving Ralph some of his wants.
  9. The last time Van Dijk had a long lay off he was out meeting other teams’ managers in Blackpool.
  10. Moyes should just stay at home.
  11. Impressed today. Wasn't the performance I was expecting, or the Walcott of old, but what he is now missing from his early days, he has developed other areas of his game to still perform at this level. Will be a miss now against Everton, but another two week break could serve him well.
  12. Will be a loss against Everton, without Walcott too.
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