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  1. Diallo, interesting. He’s been our second best player in the middle tonight, behind Armstrong.
  2. There’s the David Luiz mistake, couldn’t take advantage. Armstrong’s looking on another level tonight.
  3. Doesn't seem like a natural conversation to have on the bench. 🤷‍♂️
  4. If Barcelona, Juventus and Inter cannot afford him, then we definitely can't. Does seem like your typical West Ham signing though.
  5. But, Lem's Life has only just welcomed everyone to London!
  6. Yeah, when N’Lundulu and Valery came on against Liverpool, we looked more comfortable and obviously saw out the match. Need the same now.
  7. Strong team, they’re resting a load for midweek.
  8. Struggling to think of a more overrated/overhyped player than Thiago. When he signed he was made out to be the midfield equivalent of Alisson/Van Dijk, but Diallo took him out of the game against us and in every other match he has not done anything, bar a few stepovers in midfield.
  9. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/soccertalents/beraterfirma/berater/3381 Would appear that he's the only one who would get this agency any decent money.
  10. Suits the role given to him better at Aston Villa. Seems to have been told to keep it safe and simple, cover Grealish and provide him with more attacking freedom. Grealish isn't going to track back, so Targett needs to stay back and offers next to nothing going forward. Whereas, Ralph wants his full-backs to attack, carry the ball from deep and offer an attacking threat out wide with pace. Still has some defensive frailties, as we found out when we beat them and we seemed to, excuse the pun, target their life hand side of the pitch.
  11. Is there a better free-kick taker in world football than JWP at the moment?
  12. West Ham got £20m for Haller and he scored just 10 goals in two years.
  13. Stephens is better than Yoshida and Gardos, who he has now replaced in the team as the third choice centre-back. Initially, he was brought into the team to replace Van Dijk/Fonte, which has hampered him in the eyes of many for a number of years now, as he's never going to be on their level. However, he has been doing a job when coming into the team for well over a year now and I for one am glad that we have him in the squad. Very few Premier League teams outside of the big six would have kept three consecutive clean sheets, including against the champions with a second choice keeper in goal af
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