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  1. It’s an all competitions three match ban, so he won’t be back until Watford next weekend.
  2. Good header Elyounoussi, shame it wasn't on target. Walcott off at half time again please, Adams or A. Armstrong on, need another striker up there.
  3. Poor defending from Livramento, keeping him onside and giving him an unchallenged header there after Bednarek rightly moved to Wood. Suppose we came back from 2-0 down last season, but then Ings and Armstrong got goals from nothing. Going to be a long slog now, unfortunately.
  4. Targett’s not a fan favourite at Villa after this first half.
  5. Remember the footballer "tweet" that we were involved in:
  6. HarvSFC

    Nigel Adkins

    People who talk about how we should have won League One, forget Adkins didn't start the season with us and that Brighton had a six point lead when he was appointed, shortened to three at the end of the season after winning 16 of our last 20 matches and winning us 88 points from 41 games over the whole season. He couldn't do much more, other than perform a miracle. The Championship, nobody expected us to win going into it. It's only now in hindsight and looking at the squad we had that you can think that we had a chance. But, Reading went on a crazy run, beating us to the title by a point
  7. It would be weird for a manager who blamed their previous struggles at another club on feeling homesick due to being away from the south to then go further north.
  8. If I wasn’t being clear, I was referring to their valuations if they weren’t in the last year of their contracts, which is what Semmens is trying to sort. As, we aren’t doing too badly without a past his peak Bertrand and Vestergaard.
  9. I think we could have made around £5m on Bertrand and Ings would have been valued at around £50m, so that’s a £25m loss, and given we need every penny available to reinvest in the squad, I think that’s what Semmens is referring to. Unsure about Vestergaard, as I believe Leicester only made a move for him because he was cheap and they were in need of a centre-back. With that in mind, I wouldn’t be too upset if Elyounoussi left on a free this summer. We’ve seen the last few seasons that he’s hard to get rid of, if he’s available. He’s definitely improved, but I rank our 10s as Armstrong>
  10. The main question marks over Hassenhutl's management are his defensive organisation, which he isn't doing too badly with this season and his tactical inflexibility regarding the 4-2-2-2 formation. With that in mind, we haven't had a genuine relegation scare since Gabbiadini saved us against Swansea, which was pre-Hassenhutl. Now, if you think back to Howe's management of Bournemouth, he couldn't get his defence to work and he was called naive/stubborn plenty of times throughout his Premier League tenure, because his Bournemouth side attacked every week, which left them exposed on numerous
  11. Let’s hope Newcastle find a few more £40m Joelinton’s with all their money. Blew their load after five minutes, Dier made it look respectable.
  12. And Leicester stop playing the chuckle brothers and beat Manchester United.
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