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  1. I remember commenting on JWP adding a nastiness to his game, or smartly using the "dark arts", as now known which had never been seen before in the past year, which was adding to his overall contribution to the team. Most noticeably against Zaha to get under his skin and scuffing the penalty spot for England. But, this has been missing in recent months, for whatever reason. Diallo looked good in his introductory outings, but it's clear that he needs to be drip fed into the team like Salisu, rather than getting pushed straight into the deep end due to injuries. Been quite poor, anonymous
  2. Wood put his down the middle against Forster too.
  3. He’ll never be Ings, but he’s a good support striker, who can chip in with a few goals. If he becomes the main man after Ings, then we need to start worrying and looking for better.
  4. West Ham don’t do routine 3-0s
  5. Good job Scotland don’t play Armstrong.
  6. Do Liverpool have a 20% sell on clause? First I’ve seen of it tonight, Liverpool Echo reporting it.
  7. Well, we had a good first 14 minutes.
  8. Other players telling Djenepo to get up, didn’t know that actually happened.
  9. Fucking hell. That's a penalty and a red card if we're Manchester United, as we saw with Martial. Wasn't a penalty, but no consistency and the decision wouldn't have been changed had we been a top four club.
  10. If it hits his chest before the arm, doesn’t that change the handball? Or is it just thighs? Not that we scored anyway...
  11. There was me coming in to say that hopefully they'd be in for more than one game this time around.
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