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  1. Dani Osvaldo's goal against City was a bit of a corcker and alll...
  2. Funniest moment... Paul Williams playing left back against Oxlade-Chamberlain
  3. "End of The Line" The Traveling Wilbury's "Smile" Nat King Cole I'm sure I had another but it's escaping me now
  4. Having listened to it, I haven't really changed my mind on him. The two interesting bits that I'd like to know a little more about (but obviously we'll never get the whole story) are how he left and what it was that he regrets, and also I find it interesting that the club didn't give him any reassurances about what they would be doing in the future (not that I think it would have made much difference to his decision). Like I said, give him hell, don't feel bad about it. Lets see how he reacts, perhaps it'll affect his performance (hopefully for the worse)... All in all, I think the biggest shame is that all he had to do was stay with Saints and he'd have been concidered a legend until the day he died. I suppose it depends where you point your ambitions. It would seem your average footballers aspirations are somewhat different from your average fans...
  5. Its all panto, give him hell. I'm sure he won't be crying himself to sleep on Sunday night... He doesn't strike me as someone who will particularly enjoy any agro he gets. Although there is a cautionary tale in when David Nugent came to St Mary's a few seasons ago (Championship Season IIRC) whne we gave him a load of stick and he absolutely revelled in it...
  6. Notoriously bad is my recollection... But then it's been quite a while
  7. Not a huge surprise. If the season ended now I can't think of anyone else that could be concidered manager of the season...
  8. JN9

    Jose Fonte

    If there is one thing I have absolutely no doubt about, its Jose's attitude.... The rest, whilst I probably wont agree with you, debate away!
  9. Darn it! I knew I was going to get it wrong and undermine my unnecessary dig!
  10. I bet you're a hoot at a party... ;-)
  11. I like the look of him... Great beard, I'm even a fan of the ****gy hair. He offers something different from what we already have...
  12. Whilst I support your initial idea, those two songs (particularly the JWP one) are atrocious... Sorry to be negative.
  13. If they can sell more than 2,000 then they will surely..? Arn't some people getting their knickers in a twist for no reason?
  14. JN9

    Price of Football

    Yep, Bundesliga 2. 13 Euros a ticket (in a terrace), beers in the bar at the stadium (busy enough for atmosphere, not so busy that you have to wait for a beer), a round of beers for 5 people in the stadium cost us under 30 euros and the next round is cheaper if you take your cup back. Plus I got a free yoyo on the way out... Level of football was a lot lower than at St Mary's, but everything else, much better (although I think a replica shirt was possibly more expensive) But then the level of football is of a much lower quality.
  15. JN9

    Price of Football

    Just come back from a trip to Germany and took in a St Pauli game. Its fair to say that they're getting a much better matchday experience for a much better price. I think you make a good point about the wages though... At the end of the day it is up to the supporters. Do you want to have a succesful club? Then stump up your £36. Or would you like a cheaper tickets to go and support your club (representing your city) no matter what level they're playing at? Unfortunatly then the supporters would have to force the change (ie, no fans turning up to games) I know which I'd choose, sadly I am very much in the minority and nothing will change, ticket prices will continue to rise, but on the plus side I may one day see Saints play in Europe...
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