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  1. Licka's Missus was arguably the most tidy WAG we've had.
  2. Crouchie - Did he ever recover from his meltdown?
  3. Terrible choice to go 3-4-3. Walking through our midfield. Currently we look lost and cannot get a hold of the game. I would switch to 3-5-2 ASAP and get Redmond up top.
  4. Lemina has had an absolute shocker so far, continuously giving the ball away through choosing the wrong option, under hitting passes and trying to beat too many men. Coupled with the lackluster performance of 2/3 others we are going to struggle. Need another change.
  5. Good result, 3 points. Can't get carried away however! Our defending was absolutely abysmal, school boy in some cases. A decent team would have scored another 2 or 3. Really need to get a CB back in as a matter of urgency otherwise all the good things we're seeing going forward will be for nothing.
  6. Poor substitutions at the wrong time.
  7. He played well other than the dive. More than Romeu offers
  8. Absolute shambles. The lack of discipline is embarrassing!
  9. Hoedt out of his depth, another long season if he's playing every game. Romeu, looked like a passenger last year, even more so this year Armstrong, looks positive but can't get on the ball with this shape. Cedric, why has he started? McCarthy & Vestergaard, class so far.
  10. Feels like the year we went down.
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