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  1. Settle down 🙄 And it could arguably be a choice if wanting to refresh legs in midfield with like-for-like. If we're making multiple substitutions, it's quite feasible that one of those will be at CM, in which case *my preference* would be JWP over Henderson. I'm not suggesting that would've happened....since it's pretty apparent that Southgate would bring on another right back.
  2. True enough, but with 20 minutes to go and England needing a goal, who would be more likely to influence the score, JWP or Henderson (assuming he doesn't start)?
  3. Such a boring performance (so far) Passing has been dire. No incisiveness or direct play whatsoever. Weird.
  4. Bring on Tella for Diallo. Shift Armstrong to CM.
  5. I feel like individual players are gung-ho pressing, at 'random times', and it's leaving massive gaps on a routine basis. It's okay if it's Ings/Redmond/Armstrong/Theo, but when it's regularly Diallo/JWP/KWP/Bertrand 😬 Could be wrong, just looks very headless chicken.
  6. The level of defending/team structure is crazy. Not convinced JWP and Diallo will ever be a decent pairing... they'll get rinsed by better teams, and bullied by weaker/worse teams. If Rom is out, has to be a 3. We might get okay results at times, but if we have one of the worst defences in the league, we'll never be a threat for anything.
  7. Well this is a bit ridiculous, getting carved apart on both sides now. They should be a couple up, what with that horrific offside decision.
  8. Back in it, but it's crazy how many goals we're conceding this season 👎 If defending from the front (constant pressing) isn't an option/isn't working, we clearly don't have a back-up system/individual players who have the right skill sets to defend in this league.
  9. He spends the majority of the match shouting encouragement at the players/trying to keep positive, so any lack of fight is entirely on the players.
  10. Definitely. Fresh legs/impetus surely trumps experience on this occasion - particularly in the forward/wide positions, where we need people to press constantly.
  11. http://freestreams-live1.com/btsport1z/ Quality - okay. HD links welcome 😁
  12. With the reported sell-on fee, it'd definitely be less (assuming the £20m is the release clause price, and not the discrepancy between the two sides prices)
  13. Any replacement ideas that can make us feel slightly more positive? 😁 Not sure I fully understand the repercussions of Brexit, but...Andre Silva at Frankfurt? 🤷‍♂️
  14. Always find the suggestion that X/any player isn't involved in their contract negotiation to be extremely dubious/a load of b*llocks/an obvious case of PR management. Yes, they may not attend the meetings/have the difficult conversations, and they may not stipulate the release clauses/conditions to the pound, but they tacitly agree with everything their agents are doing, by virtue of the fact that they're still their agents. Anyway, something of a nothing issue in relation to the club's plan from here. Personally, I'd be 'happy' to see us sell him any time from now until the summer. I'd
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