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  1. You don't, you could switch it off, but then you wouldn't have anything to moan about. Actually, scratch that, you'll always find something to moan about.
  2. So to recap, Southgate doesn't know what he's doing, Phillips is shit, Mings is shit and Trippier can't play left back. We are truly blessed to have so many experts on the forum.
  3. The usual bollocks from the usual suspects here. Never change people, never change.
  4. He was omitted because a Brighton player got the nod, hardly a "bigger team".
  5. I guess you weren't around 1992-1995.
  6. No, no and no again, better off with what we already have.
  7. Really? It was only a few months ago it was revealed you don't know the difference between the near and far post so you'll forgive me for not placing too much stock in your opinion.
  8. For the second he was wrong-footed and it took a small deflection, not much he could have done about that. For the third Rice shaped to put it across the keeper to the far post and then cleverly finished at the near post. Why didn't the commentators or pundits mention anything about poor goalkeeping? Because it didn't happen. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about 😉.
  9. Having seen the highlights I can safely say that Macca was not at fault for any of the goals. WTF was he supposed to do with the first?? He had 2 choices, save it as he did or watch it go past him into the net. It was unfortunate that it was Fornals following in and not one of ours but that's football. Anyone who says otherwise clearly doesn't know anything about goalkeeping, does anyone seriously think he should have held it? Laughable.
  10. I think I'm one of the few here who is for real. Unlike most I don't expect us to play like 2010 Barcelona every game. I don't expect every pass to reach it's intended man, I don't expect every attack to result in a goal, I don't expect our keeper to save everything, I don't expect our defence to repel every attack.
  11. Well, I for one (and I'm probably the only one) am reasonably happy with the season. We didn't get relegated and that's my ambition each season before a ball is kicked. I look forward to another 10 months of Saint web bed-wetting next season. Until then .....
  12. Last games of the season often throw up strange and high scoring results. I'm going for a 7-2. Fuck it, 8-2.
  13. I believe that 'woosh' is the appropriate retort.
  14. I know right? Why aren't they fighting or something? disgraceful.
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