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  1. There's always a lot of shit posted here on match days but today will take some beating. Sometimes teams lose matches and there's no shame in losing to Leicester when half your team is missing. We're still exceeding expectations so enjoy it while it lasts.
  2. Probably less than the mentions it gets here.
  3. Have a word with yourself, idiot.
  4. Who cares? All that matters is what happens on the pitch.
  5. You're a real ray of sunshine aren't you?
  6. Nonsense. Clough, Allison, Docherty, Atkinson, Revie etc etc, all larger than life and outspoken characters who regularly made headlines.
  7. That's Liverpool held recently by Brighton, Fulham, WBA and now Newcastle, maybe we could get something too ......?
  8. He's just the type of player I'd like to see us get. We're just too nice and a shithouse like him would be ideal. Obviously he's out of our league but is there a budget Costa anywhere?
  9. I don't think any top 6 team's games would be cancelled because the manager has tested positive. Take your tinfoil hat off.
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