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  1. Based on his performances 3 years ago? He's barely played since.
  2. Such a stupid stat'. If a team scores in the first minute and ends up with a draw or a loss is it really dropping points from a winning position? Technically yes but it's very unfair.
  3. Every game at every ground is a potential 3 points.
  4. I think he's confusing 'elated' with satisfied.
  5. The ball came to him around his midriff, there was no way he or anyone could have pushed it to the side from that position. Any other time the ball could have rebounded to a defender and it would go down as a decent save.
  6. And with a worse keeper we'd have lost it.
  7. Show us on the doll where Mr McCarthy touched you.
  8. It's only about £10 a month to subscribe.
  9. So referees only consult the monitor if players surround him and insist on it? I always thought it was the VAR operators who did this.
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