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  1. Here's an easy thing to remember "a lot" means many, or a large amount, or an item in an auction whereas "alot" does not exist in English except as a misspelling of "allot" (to deal out, apportion etc).
  2. On a vaguely related note, when my mum died a few years ago we called in a house clearance co. This was in SE London. Chap who came was interested in a couple of things (sixties table and sideboard) but most of the rest would go for scrap. When he found out I was a Saints supporter he said he'd done a house clearance for one of our players when he'd signed for us. He was not impressed either with the style "all white leather, flash, vulgar" or the fact that the player just abandoned everything as he'd just buy new for his new home. Somewhere near Southampton there's probably a similar house
  3. I think the conclusion to draw from this thread is not to trust the word of builders. These are the same people who tell you they will concentrate solely on building your extension only to bugger off to another job halfway through. Let's hope future posters learn from this and get their information from more reliable sources in future such as estate agents, car salespeople or members of the current cabinet.
  4. I had nothing against Newcastle until they got taken over by a murderous, middle Eastern regime. I really, really hope they go down and hope they stay there for a few seasons.
  5. No Redmond or Walcott? The blokes who sit behind me will have to find a new scapegoat.
  6. Premier Inn does have parking but it's operated by another company. Most city centre on street parking is free overnight. You may be able to pay sufficiently the night before so that you don't have to get up by 8:00 to move your car. Check the machine.
  7. Lot of silliness on this topic. Howe isn't a bad manager and would probably suit us quite well. But, rightly, there's no vacancy here and Howe's taking the blood money at Newcastle. So everybody's happy.
  8. He was. But he made it clear he would not stay and wanted a top 6 club. Or Villa.
  9. Vestergaard gave away a penalty (probably not his fault, to be fair) and Bertrand a free kick leading to a goal. Good to see ex-Saints making a contribution at Leicester.
  10. Quite encouraged by that. Our defence looked stronger. All the talk before the game was about Antonio's amazing season so far yet Stephens and Salisu kept him virtually out of the game. I noticed that, at last, we are leaving a man up when the opposition have a corner. OK, we didn't score from it today but it meant West Ham couldn't get as many people in our box. Redmond was not as bad as some of the comments here. He did a fairly solid job but we need to give our midfielders forward options and, when they do get them, they need to be quicker in using them. I understand the need
  11. I spoke to someone who was approached to invest in a group looking to take over SFC (New York based). They had identified the potential to buy from Mr Gao at a low price and build the value of club by investment in players and infrastructure and then to sell the club on at a profit. My contact thought that this looked possible in a relatively small way but decided not to get involved as it appeared that the main people leading the bid knew very little about football. They had noted that SFC was high in the Premier League at the time (this must have been early last season) and so was obviousl
  12. This is an entirely sensible way to run a football club.
  13. There was a time when small clubs stood a chance of signing the current European Footballer of the Year.
  14. I'm not joining the bandwagon of "he was crap we're better off without him". I'd rather he stayed but, if he chose not to sign a new contract, the club has done well to get a good price for him (as with Ings). He had some good moments last season, particularly with his passing, but he was still liable to be caught out of position and too slow to recover. I hope we can sign a suitable, experienced replacement but I wouldn't despair if we relied on Stephens - he gets a lot of unfair stick on here but is probably as good as (and certainly more vocal than) Vestergard.
  15. Still waiting. But they have sent me an email offering membership, which is nice.
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