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  1. This all seems really negative - we are out of the relegation zone and 1 point off 12th. Newcastle, Villa & West Ham to come - could be out of the woods by Christmas.
  2. Boufal on for JWP. Going to be more goals in the second half. We are **** at the back.
  3. There is a data rights issue caused by betgenius which might have added to the need for security.
  4. Newcastle have done amazingly well to stay up this season so i think we'll win easily - they'll be thinking about the summer and our players are playing for their position next season.
  5. +1 I thought we where really good, played good football & made a lot of their players look average. We are staying up and it looks really positive for next season. Remember back how **** the football was under Hughes and Mope.
  6. Best of Luck Davo! I expect he will kill it in the SPL for at least a couple of years to come.
  7. Bosz or Rodgers would be great. Any manager who tries to play attacking football is a better choice than fat sam.
  8. Welcome Stuart! Hopefully you can be as big a success for us as everyone else we signed from Celtic.
  9. I think with what has transpired this season doing this summer as quiet as possible would be the best plan. The reality is we are now a team which struggled to survive in the league, whilst we could be a team that challenges for Europe we didn't do it. If the board is planning big unveilings and what not - i think its grossly misplaced.
  10. Starting tonight - think he's only lost 1 game in 24 with Fulham. Bertrand's probably gone so if he does well and Fulham get promoted, he's going to have a fair shout for LB next season.
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