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  1. We should win this with a good margin, according to league tables, but we do sound over-confident on here, and we often underperform against weak teams. Norwaucj are also encouraged by recent efforts. Banana skin? I think there may be an early shock. 1-1 , Stewey saving our blushes.
  2. To be fair, since those matches we've lost Stevens to injury and he'll be out of action for quite a few matches. Stevens has become a force in our defence, and his absence highlights weaknesses - obvious on Saturday - as a result of not having Premier quality cover. That is Gao's fault and our worry.
  3. I cannot understand why we heroically fight tooth and nail against the powerful, top teams one week, then become supine and spineless against weaker ones the following weekend? Surely, it must be about lack of leadership on the pitch Or is it simply that Southampton and area is now too tranquil and easy going to want to succeed week after week?
  4. So the result was much as I predicted. New players had a useful run around and we (just) survived to fight another day. Forster was the hero and it was great to see Salisu (have we found another Vesty?) and Diallo score. Oriel hit the vital penalty too. But the new defenders were disappointing. I would have been happy if we could have replayed at St Mary's because it's so important to be able to give our 'B' players as much match experience as possible. Let's win the next round with a just a few of our young footballers in the team.
  5. I'm also looking forward to seeing some of our exciting and promising options playing, but with a caveat: not too many newcomers at once without experienced first team players on the pitch. We must keep good shape, cohesion and understanding between the players, otherwise there could be a cup upset.
  6. It is going to be a tough match. But NOT easy for West Ham as the Independent believe. Saints have held out against better and richer teams and there is no reason why - if we concentrate on a resolute defence - we can't break away and score more than once. COYS!
  7. Good luck Michael. I think your career will take off now.
  8. This. A thoughtful and positive analysis.
  9. Newcastle defending with 9 men back to the wall makes it difficult. This is where we miss Danny. But with the game opening up we have more opportunities, provided we keep strong at the back.
  10. It's quite horrible, taking it out on this little club. Yeah - Get in there. We want 10!
  11. #bbcfootball Mark Burt: Southampton punching well above their weight again. Minimal resources but so well organised and led. Definitely worth their lead.
  12. Now, now, BBC report Theo is looking sharp.
  13. However critical we are about Ralph, it has to be said that he set the team up well between March 2020 and November 2020, providing some superb entertainment (sad we couldn't watch it live). If we had like for like cover so that the players could be rested, they might not have become so exhausted. Ralph's pressing tactic did not match our resources. As our resources might be too thin for a good result against multibillionaire Manure.
  14. Everton was interesting in that it revealed contrasting positive and negatives about play and individual performances. With promising new players in the team, I would expect it to take a few matches for the team to gell. We need to give newcomers in the team some slack. We've so often seen us do well in the first half, then have no answers on how to defend leads. Yet we've seen us defend well against strong oppositions. so it can be done.
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