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  1. Coming from a lower division, how do you think he compares with Che Adams who was scoring for fun with his former club, Birmingham?
  2. Probably the most dire commentary I've ever heard. No descriptive skills whatsoever.
  3. This. What was the real reason that Matty left? He wasn't the fastest , but his positional play. tackling, crosses and attacking skills were better than many, and much better than our reserve replacements. So why did he leave?
  4. eelpie

    2021/22 Kit

    Oh dear. The club ain't very good at psychology are they. Bad omen..
  5. But what a great defence we had then. That is the difference.
  6. Absolutely agree For heaven's sake..
  7. True. They're ten more goals for and ten fewer goals against. And they are extremely well organised in every department, unlike us. But we are playing better again and if Ings is in top form I think we can scrape am entertaining 3-3 draw. Expect Tella to score.
  8. There are too many dangerous, unsubstantiated rumours about a 'he'. Be careful. Mods, what is SW policy?
  9. Two teams whose status is now decided. .Both consider that they are better than their current positions deserve, and have something to prove to themselves and their supporters. Both teams on their day are capable of beating the other I'm expecting a good game.
  10. Anyone with a pair of boot straps could see we had amassed a squad that included drifters. Unfortunately Gao also wanted cash for some of the better players.
  11. So pay Ings whatever Ings wants. A £20,000 release clause is nothing. He is easily worth two players to our squad alone ,one on the pitch and also off it. Keep Insy and build a new squad around him, JWP, Armstrong, Salisu and Romey. Yeah.
  12. It must be time for our customary storming finish to a season. One win will do me. I hope the players aren't packing their holiday bags already. Seriously, we can do better than we have. Let Ingsy be our inspiration
  13. Any streaming access for the game? (for the benefit of fans that don't have Sky)
  14. 0-1 to Saints. JWP penalty on 10 minutes. Match abandoned when Liverpool fans invade the pitch with red flares blaming VAR.
  15. This is worryingly beginning to resemble our Relegation season when Saints' exceptionalism did not reflect onfield performances, as we slid downwards into the Championship. The team have had time to recover. There is no excuse this time..
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