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Thread: Parking for 27th December?

  1. Default Parking for 27th December?

    We are driving up from Poole tomorrow for the first time in a long time because of SWR problems.

    Looking for somewhere convenient to park for the West Ham match.

    Don't mind having to pay.

    Any suggestions (polite) welcomed


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    Try the Multi Dock car park at West Quay or if you want to go closer to the stadium the Multi Deck in Ocean Village off Canute Road is handier

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    Some of the businesses near the stadium do parking for £10 which for older supporters is helpful .

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    If you get nearby at 6pm you should be ok to park on single yellow lines.

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    shamrock quay 3 or 4 hours free parking, 10 min walk from stadium. we park there most match days and at most pay £1 or £2 on top of the free parking to see us through the match.

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    We use West Quay multi (after the Cineworld became paying and max 4hrs) , usually costs £5 , which includes time for lunch as well as match .

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    Central station car park if you don't mind the walk

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    The “Just Park” app is really good - allows you to park on people’s driveways if they’re registered (and you are too of course) and for relatively little money. You search by the area you want to park in - really simple. I’ve used it on quite a few occasions especially at busy times of the year.

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    Bit late but for future reference the Mosque by Compton Walk just off St Marys Street. £5

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    Has St Mary's church stopped parking on their grounds for good now ?
    I assumed it was just why the works were ongoing but as the church has been opened again since October I fully expected the parking - and their coffee/bacon roll service - to resume.

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    Thanks for all your answers.


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