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Raf dog team, humble pie, from Nickh


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TO all interested in this event that was debated a few weeks back.With thanks to Tim Mann ,Gary Chalk and Duncan Holley for their help.

I was wrong it was later than I thought,so apologies to those who were sure it was around this date..






The RAF were running a dog display demonstration on the pitch with all the usual dogs jumping through hoops of fire, over walls etc. Eventually they got a man with a briefcase - and his arm wrapped with padding - to walk across the pitch. Then a 'villian' ran on the pitch, fired a blank and grabbed the briefcase before running off. At this point a sergeant, who hadn't been watching but who was at the side of the pitch, thought it was for real and started to run on the pitch. He was right in front of me, I was standing under the East stand towards the Archers Rd. He was waving his colleagues to join him but they wisely decided they weren't getting involved.


Eventually the announcer said, "would the police officer please leave the pitch, this is a demonstration". He walked back to the side of the pitch but of course the crowd were howling derision so he decided it was best to leave. He walked all down the side of the East and along the Milton before going up beside the tunnel. As he walked every section of the crowd were cheering and laughing and by the end he was waving like he'd just scored a winning goal.

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I recall the incident but I'm not sure it was Tiny who I remember as an old fashioned bobby who was often to be found around Bitterne in the 70s - a few times too often for my liking.

It was him. He used to direct traffic at the bottom of Bullar Road. Rumour was that he had recieved head injuries at some point and was just used for traffic duties and thing like keeping order at the Dell. Real big character.

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