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Bristol City Fan Banned


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Have to say this was one of the worst games I have seen at SMS for trouble





A SOCCER thug has been banned from attending football matches after he kicked and punched a Saints fan during a mass brawl.


Craig O’Brien was with fellow Bristol City fans when he became embroiled in a fight with another group from Southampton on Above Bar Street.


During the brawl, on April 5 this year, he was spotted lashing out at a Southampton supporter as he lay on the ground.


Now he has been ordered not to travel to home or away games and has been told to carry out unpaid work after admitting affray.


Southampton Crown Court heard how a police officer saw the 24-year-old launch the assault in the run up to a game at St Mary’s.


The court was told how he kicked and punched a man before fleeing when officers intervened.


O’Brien, who lives in Bristol, was arrested and found to be heavily intoxicated with drink.


In mitigation, the court heard how O’Brien had not started the fight, which involved 30 people, and that he was not known to police as a hooligan.


Judge Peter Halls QC gave him a Football Banning Order, which prevents him travelling on the rail network or entering specific areas of Bristol on match days. He was also told to do 150 hours of community service

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Know of a few of our fans that have also been charged for an incident after that game, brought about by questionable police cctv, pleading not guilty so if found guilty should now expect more than this guy got, this at a time when we need as many fans as possible, yes, they are fans following the club all around the country.

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Typical of today's legal system, scum like him should be behind bars.


A ban from football matches and unpaid work - takes the ****, that is not a punishment.


That's not an unreasonable initial reaction - it was mine as well. But 150 (or 300, there seems to be doubt) hours of community service is not trivial if it is properly enforced. If he's in full time work that's his weekends and evenings disrupted for quite some time. And we don't all have to pay to keep him in prison or to deal with his almost inevitable unemployment on release. But, as I say, community punishment only works (in the sense of being a punishment and a future deterrent) if it is properly enforced and is a severe inconvenience to the offender.

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