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Ticket Watch - SOLD OUT


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God bless the online system. I booked my one ticket last week as I had a JPT ticket, but my mate wanted two more so he could take his missus. Got 'em! Nice - so If the T/O ****s up the sending out of tickets, at least I have two opportunities of getting a ticket... ;-) (God bless the T/O)

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It definitely seems that the online sales is knackered.


I got two error messages then got straight through. Just keep trying.


Don't forget, there were 4,000 tickets left this morning, I expect most of those are already gone (judging from what was available online when I chose), and tons more people are still after the tickets.


Keep trying if you want to join in the action, buying from touts is illegal and expensive. :cool:

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web unavailable, all phone lines busy.. Its going to be a long morning.... zzz


Wont last that long!


Cheapest way to purchase tickets once they're gone will be to go onto the Carlisle website, find their box office number and do the deed.


The price from touts will be ridiculous for a JPT Final.

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Did you just keep clicking 'buy tickets'?


Everytime I try says nothing matches criteria - am only selecting 1 ticket


Have you bought tickets online before? (Hence being on the database?)


It may be that the block you chose is selling out. Click another block. :smt059

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I have my office phone on hold to the 0800 number, my mobile set to redial the 01271 number and my computer set up on the website ticket sales. No luck on all 3 yet!!


Blimey Mike - if anyone deserves a ticket for perseverance - it's you mate! ;)

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Been trying since 8.30 and only now is the 01271 number ringing (rather than engaged).


Hope I get a ticket, but as insurance I bought 2 in the Carlisle end yesterday - fingers crossed I won't need them.


lolz, apart from their season ticket holders and 9 friends, it may very well be all Saints fans in that stadium. "Dellbley" (Has a better ring than St Marybley's)

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