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SaintsWeb Podcast: Wembley Warmup (Full version now online)


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Part 1 of the latest podcast is now available to download. This week, Rob Chandler and I look back at a mixed bag of results and performances, and preview our trip to Wembley.


Unfortunately due to a combination of time constraints, producers going on holiday and Rob and I managing to record more than an hour's material, we've had to split this one up into two 30-minute segments. The first is available now, the second (and the full combined version) will be available early next week. You'll probably notice the not-very-subtle edit point! :lol:


To subscribe via iTunes, click "Advanced" and then "Subscribe to Podcast", and enter the following URL: http://www.saintsweb.co.uk/podcasts/podcast.xml


You can also subscribe via RSS at the same URL. If you've got a relatively recent web browser, from the main SaintsWeb home page, you can simply click on the RSS icon at the top of your browser.


Feedback is obviously welcomed, either here or via email to podcast@saintsweb.co.uk

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Sorry for the delay in editing everyone, I was supposed to do it Monday evening but due Easyjet being super and great, I ended up with 3 hours sleep and crashed out Monday, then have been away until Friday, hence why its just gone live... enjoy tho.

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