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Charity Collection at St Mary's

Weston Saint

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An official charity collection, in aid of the Smile4Rich Appeal, will be held outside St Mary's prior to the Charlton match. Smile4Rich was set up in memory of 15-year old Saints fan, Richard Bowler, who died after suffering a brain haemorrhage while training with his youth football team in July 2002. Since then, the charity has raised in excess of £400,000 to fund projects at Southampton's Wessex Neurological Centre, including a dedicated Neuro Intensive Care Ambulance and a specially equipped suite which is used to assess children with severe epilepsy for life-changing surgery.


The Wessex Neurological Centre treats around 4,500 patients a year and is one of the most well-respected specialist neurological centres in the country. Following an horrific motorcycle accident in August 2007, Saints' community coach Ricky Fernandez was treated at the centre for numerous life-threatening injuries. Thanks to the skill and dedication of the team at the Wessex, Ricky has made a quite remarkable recovery and has recently returned, part-time, to his work at the club.


Donations received from fans will go toward the latest Smile4Rich Appeal, which aims to raise £200,000 to equip one ot the Centre's operating theatres with a new, state-of-the-art operating microscope fitted with fluorescence imaging technology. This equipment will provide surgeons with real-time images of blood-flow in the brain during neurovascular surgery, for such conditions as brain haemorrhages and aneurysms, minimising the need for repeat surgery, reducing the chance of post-operative complications, and hence speeding the recovery of patients.


Every penny will help us toward our target, and your support will be greatly appreciated.






Modorators, I have sent a personal email to Steve Grant asking for this to be a sticky until the Charlton game. Until he makes the decision I would appreciate you not moving or deleting. You can of course make it a sticky yourselves. It is very much Saints related.

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Thanks for posting this.


I'm usually a little sceptical about people with charity tins - however well meaning.


But your moving post explains everything. And I guess is very hard to get across in a few words to a throng of people just before a game.


I will look out for the collectors pre-Charlton and will donate as generously as I can.


I wish you every success.

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Spot the laydee - I'll be collecting too. Like the poster above, I often look the other way when someone shakes a tin at me but since SFC have been kind enough to allow Smile4Rich to be there plus it is something that benefits the local community (though hopefully a service that none of us will ever have to use), I thought the least I could do was give a bit of my time. Hopefully you guys can give a bit of your loose change. I want my bucket filled!

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Appreciate the kind words and messages of support, and the generous assistance being provided by posters on this board.


I understand the club will be posting details of the collection on the club web site on Friday morning.


Rich's mum & dad will be among those rattling buckets on Saturday afternoon, and they've asked me to convey their thanks for your support.


Cheers all, and Keep Smiling!

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Blimey it's also like a 606 reunion on this thread !


Can't make the game tomorrow but will make sure my son (who incidentally is one of Mrs NSS IT pupils at college - small world etc) contributes on his and my behalf.


Blimey, small world indeed Rob! She'll be one of those shaking a bucket tomorrow. And many thanks in advance.

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Firstly, a huge thank you to the 20 volunteers, including those from this board who gave up their pre-match drinking time, without whom today's collection would not have been possible.


Secondly, many thanks to Southampton Football Club for granting us this charity collection, it is greatly appreciated, and I'd like to thank Mark Abrahams (Community Manager) in particular for his assistance in organising and promoting the collection.


Finally, to all who donated today, your generosity has resulted in a total of £1,602.99 being raised for the Smile4Rich Appeal, every penny of which will help us to provide the Wessex Neurological Centre with the tools that will make it possible to save even more lives. So please, give yourselves a round of well deserved applause.


Thank you again, and please....


Keep Smiling!

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Many thanks from Frank's Cousin and myself to all those entering through Turnstile A for their massive support and donations.


Frank was garanteeing a win to those donating. Thank God we did. Would have hated for him to have to stand outside afterwards giving out refunds ;)



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He told us we could give him a kicking if we didn't win. Really dont think he thought it through


'Kick my arse' was what I said ;-)


If we had lost I would have done a runner and hidden the hat- it was a cunning disguise! LOL


Thanks to all who put up with my shouting - and we did win!


Cheers to all!

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