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  1. Er NO. you are getting a little confused in your old age - On that particular stadium debate, my only point was that cheaper tickets = higher attendance, and that it would be possible to have more flexibility on pricing if capacity were higher.. for some odd reason some took issue and made up a load of ******... but tehn that is pretty typical of this place at times.
  2. A post from page 3..... Swap Saints for PFc and it's quite prescient ;-)
  3. Trousers, you are week versed in all the ntjobbery... So please help as I have misplaced my criminal charges for serious fraud. You see, correct me if I am wrong, but the opening paragraph of that piece implies all of pompeys woes are a direct result of these swindlers who took the 400mil and lined their pockets, as opposed to it being spend on players and their wages... But I must have missed the news reports where all these dodgy owners have been charged with fraud relating to PFC... Now Antanov seems to be in trouble for some issue with his extensive Snoros overdraft but no other charges ha
  4. indeed. I don't agree with the system either.... But in 7 years in the prem and some 400mil spend later they invested nothing in developing any infrastructure... They chose another route, so it's not like other lower league clubs that never had the luxury of that choice... Buy wait, I am wrong. All that cash was siphoned off by a succession of dodgy owners...well where are the criminal prosecutions if that was the case? I want to have sympathy, because clubs DO mean so much to their fans and community, perhaps unhealthily so, but the first step to rebuilding is accepting the truths about wh
  5. Stat that always get me is that in 7 years in the top flight they had a total revenue in excess of £300,000,000. Add the additional £120,000,000 they spent over and above their income and in just 7 years they consumed £420,000,000 and now have what to show for it? .... but of course they won an FA cup in that time.... and invested £45 mil in a new stadium development and anoyther 30mil in a new training and academy set up... er Ok so only one of those is true.. the one without a legacy...or er sorry a legacy of 120mil of debt...
  6. Somebody with Photoshop, please add in some maracas :-)
  7. Thing is though Jimmy, critcising their choice of slogans for their campaign is one thing, but its the principle of encouraging youngsters to support that is good surely and just because its pompey and their ad approachshould we not acknowledge that the princip;le is sound, even if their advertsiing is not to your taste?
  8. This is going to hurt.... but I kind of agree with CB Fry on this one. Whatever we think of their past and the hilarity that really masks the anger with what they got away with... whatever we think of the potential competence of their new set up, I cant really see anything wrong with them at least trying to encourage kids to support their local side and not fall victim to the Sky ideal that football satrts and ends with Manu U and Chelski etc al I enjoy laughing at them, I am honest to admit that it still amkes me angry how they can ignore the reality of how they written off so much yet kee
  9. The reality is, that should they actually be successful in running the club properly, within its means and with sensible approach to building infrastructure, eg training ground, academy etc and thinnking longer term, they will not be pushing for promotion beyond L1 for some time consideralble time... but they could if they do that, begin rebuilding their reputation. I just wonder if their 'Loyal' bestest fans, will have the patience for such an approach or whether demands for better players will push them towards a higher risk strategy...again.... will be interesting...., especially if evenuta
  10. First up, to those who fought for their club to survive, you have to appreciate they have so far worked hard and it looks like they will succeed in saving their club.... putting all the rivalry to the side, you have to acknowledge thats a pretty good effort to date. But, there are several issues and questions that taint this success, which teh football community seem happy sweeping under the carpet just as much as the fans of pompey. Perhaps its a recognition that there are MANY clubs operating above their means in a high risk way, and so taking too high a moral stance by many would be hypo
  11. ... I cant compete with that, but it is worth pointing out that he seems to suggest that its a great victory for the cheats to once again have failed to pay someone what they are owed... Even if there is justification for a reduced amount, given how many players have now not been paid what theye were owed, I am struggling to see how anyone with an ounce of integrity can see this as a good thing... Players are over paid and can be excessively greedy, but if you agree to pay them those amounts in aneffort to find success, then surely the very last you do is pay for it? Or have I missed something
  12. The truth is probably somewhere in between. No money left approaching insolvent trading and thus liquidation in any normal circumstance - but in reality, Barclays and Aviva would have know they stood a far better chance of getting something if a new buyer came in - and the infrastructure available as a club was a good possibility of this happening - i think if push had come to shove, Aviva and or Barclays may thave swapped debt for equity and taken contrrol whilst awaiting for a sale...
  13. Whilst what you say is correct .... It's simply down to the PPs. That is ultimately what has kept them alive. Because the creditors agreed to a 500k CVA, and they managed to come to a compromise with players, the 11mil due since last summer allows them to pay all that - which is greater than a liquidation sale - the issue now is that with the 3 mill trust cash + the council loan, they want to pay back some that over time and keep 3 mil or so in cash rather than pay creditors more - in effect doing the same again, only with the creditors being mugs for agreeing to the 500k in the first place...
  14. THIS x 10 The council figures show a surplus of over 3 million - left after shafting everyone... why is this not directed to credditors.... FFS
  15. Feel a song coming on.... And here's to you Mr Robinson Saints fans love you more than you can know... ho ho ho God bless you please Mr Robinson Heaven holds a place for those you prey (pray) (on the gullable skates) hey hey hey.... We'd like to know a little bit about you for our files Going through the candidates to date Laugh about it shout about it when you stuff the Blues Anyway you look at it they lose.... And here's to you ...... Surprizingly prescient of Simon and Garfunkal me thinks
  16. apologies for ignorance but confused now.... I did not see the admin fees outstanding in the list - have PFK already paid tehmselves? This leaves just under 14 mil they have to find... which I gather in their eyes is 1 mil form HNWI, 1.3 mil from share scheme, 1.45 mill from council + PP (how much are they still getting as it mentioned only 5.5 mil in august with currently 4 mil or so in the bankwhich probably ;leaves them a mil or two short to complete all those payments in one go... so plan is obviously to pay back football creditors over a longer period of time... whilsts pending tehir 'in
  17. One thing I dont understand correctly is (and I welcome a legal brain to describe it in laymans terms) The actual urpose of the the court case - am I right in thinking its NOT necessarily about a value on Fratton park, but is actually a bout whether the administrator is entitled to sell FP as part of the sale of the club despite there being a charge against it? As I understand it, its the administrator that is trying to push a YES on this so that he can accomodate the sale to the PST within the budget they have - approx 3mil and that given Chinney has a secure charge over FP, he is there
  18. .... funny but having the 'second highest attendance in the league (L2) is frcken irrelevent - Unless that is considered by tehir fans to be their natural level... Durham is making the point that 50% have fecked off since they were all there supporting the Gunners... Are they really that dumbass down there? As to the football league being really supportinve and impressed by the PST bid... have they not considered the specail agent cunning plan by the FL... in that they want shot of the rotting corpse and the best way to do that is to let the PST continue to argue with Chinney over the gr
  19. Thing the FCR needs to be in place to stop the whole pompey way of failing to pay for players - and also the issue of monies owed to other clubs. The ONLY way that we could get rid of the Football creditors rule is by more stringent rules applied across football: 1. All transfer fees must be paid in ful at the time of purchase 2. NO club can defer wages/image rights to players etc - must be paid monthly and in full, -20 points for any wage deferal 3. HMRC/Tax/Vat must be paid monthly and be upto date, deferrals = -20 points for each count Only with a far more draconian approach woudl c
  20. should we spell it out for them again... how thick to you need to be not to see 3 seperate 'crimes' and 3 seperate punishments...
  21. Even if this is a plan to ensure Chinney gets his money back - is that really so bad - that Pompey are actually at least paying ONE creditor his due? You see this is the problem, no one wants to pay anyone their due... Chinney may be deeply intwinned in the problems of the last few years, but that is irrelevent, his is owed substantial funds so why have a problem with paying him back, rather than trying to get him to accept 3 mil?
  22. This is the problem as I see it - Its not Trust or Bust, but Trust or HNWIs dont get the equity they were hoping for in lieu of teh cash they pumped in to keep the thing going... cue 'well if the fans are getting 15% for free, then the money collected could be used to pay back teh HNWIs...which could get interesting. Why wont the PST admit to the ACTUAL stake they will own under their bid and let those who have contributed vote on this? Already it appears that teh PST seem less democratic and the decision to press on is likely to be form the HNWIs who have most to lose?
  23. ...although,,, some footballying dbt has been paid... in effect CVA 1 is complete because the 16mil agreed to non secured creditors is PART of the 68 mil of debt acculmulated in teh more resent admin episode... so in effct we can forget about CVA 1 its finished... with the small exception of another -10 for the fact it failed and thus the 16 mil reduced to £500k.... What the dumbass skates fail to recognise is that these are three seperate crimes and thus 3 seperate penalties - and no one is punsihing anyone twice ; For the Dumb Skates -9 points for entering admin in the prem - 1st adm
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