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MPs you genuinely consider insincere/hypocritical


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Obviously the Tories on here will bang on about Gordon Brown etc and the Labour supporters will accuse Cameron and his cohorts of being insincere and/or hypocritical also.


But who are the less high profile ones you don't like?


My personal top dislike is Hazel Blears. I think she is guilty of scamming expenses and really dislike the way she has supported "populist local causes" in her constituency politics since to try and regain her standing.


I despise Barbara Follett for her belief that she is so important she needed to have 24/7 private security paid by the taxpayer on her Cheyne Walk pad to keep her safe.


I abhor joke MPs like Lembit Opik who are more concerned with their personal profiles.


Landed Tory MPs are usually miles out of touch and are generally useless as they use their position to prop up their other financial interests. Most MPs with Sir in their title are in this category.


And I dislike attention seekers like George Galloway who don't do the job they claimed that they would do and are just very bad for their constituents.

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Guest Dark Sotonic Mills
What would be your solution then? Who would YOU have run the country?


Most people who think that would be happy with a military junta.

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Good point. We should have a poll - Do you want to punch Gordon Brown or Johnny Bognor? I'll start. Johnny Bognor.


Fortunately for me, I am better looking than old Gordon and my smile is devastatingly good. Trust me, you wouldn't want to punch me, but instead stand back and admire one of natures finest creations :-)

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