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Wembley parking


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going to the england match on the 24th may....A monday night oddly


where is good to park around wembley etc..?


Drive in on the M40/A40. Get off and Hillingdon, park for free two streets down from the station and tube in.


Takes 20mins on the tube and is going against the majority of the crowd on the way back as you'll be heading westbound as they go eastbound.


We do if for all the England games and are usually back in the car within 40mins of the final whistle.

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and 2 hours wait after game ?


Not at all. I've used 2 driveways very near Wembley in the last couple of years, for the JPT and the Foo Fighters' gig and been home in just about an hour each time (once I've done the Wembley shuffle, walking out of the stadium grounds themselves). I live the in West Oxfordshire, granted, but there were no delays getting out of Wembley.

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I know of a back street car park 15 mins walk from the ground. Found iy by accident when I went to see Metallica a couple of years ago, used it again for the JPT and again it as only half full. Cost £12 for all day but not sure what the evening rates are. PM if you want directions.

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