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The Eurovision Song Contest


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Always good for some uber hot Eastern European lady dancing around in f**k all, even if the singing element is terrible.


Go on LiveJasmin if Romanian gypsys in eastern block tenaments with 70's decor floats your boat.;)

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It is better then every song entered last year though, my god, even by Eurovision standards 2009 was ****e.


Toady Llloyd Webbers effort was **** poor. Was funny as **** seeing it flop because he really thought he was going to win.

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Bring back Wogan, Graham Norton tries to crack his jokes but he's not funny.


For all the sh!t various countries put forward in yhis contest I think we should beam live Graham Norton into their screens in retaliation for the block voting crap.


The prospect of that pouting queer will soon bring them to modify things and seek surrender.

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