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I'm always amazed when children from other countries are interviewed on TV. Most of them learn English incredibly quickly. There was a child in Oxfordshire who, within the space of two years, learned English as his / her second language, passed A levels and won a place at Oxford University.


Some English children can't speak recognisable English and would probably never be able to learn a foreign language.


I think signing is a great way to communicate until they've all learnt the basics. After all, it's what we all do when we go on holiday FFS.

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I think its great that kids are more and more aware of foreign languages. Our three year old is bi-lingual, and when we visit other countries he picks up on their language pretty quickly, ok its only "hello, goodbye, please, thank you" etc etc, but he has the confidence to use it.


My missus speaks 5 languages, I speak 2 foreign conversationally (Dutch and German) and I'm currently studying French in evening classes.


Kids will pick up on English if they live here anyway very quickly.

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