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"In the UK, around one-third of men were circumcised just before the introduction of the National Health Service in 1948. But the newly-created NHS ruled that circumcision was not medically necessary, and therefore would not be covered. Rates plummeted after that, says Gollaher."


And in the US, circumcision is easy money for doctors, so no wonder they are still looking for real reasons to do it.


Both my step-Grandsons were circumcised without so much as a word of discussion about it. While I think that is crazy, I said nothing because I already knew how rabid Americans can be when their culture is questioned. I had talked with people about it before, but when pressed for real reasons they do it, they draw a blank and say it is healthier without having any evidence, just like they do in a religion argument.


If I broach this kind of debate with people here these days, it's only to entertain myself. They really don't have a clue why they do most things they do, they just do it "Because"

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