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Players not missing cortese


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I'll bite though I should know better - your 'lying journo gag is pretty stale by now mind' - One player making a statement that seems nicely PR'd and a pretty obvious one at at is hardly a huge amount of evidence. The only real test of the real influence of NC over the players and progress we have made will be to see what happens next... How many leave and whether we stagnate or regress... Only I am sure the nay Sayers of doom will suggest this would have happened anyway, even if nasty Nic had stayed.... So not much point in having this as any topic for debate

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I thought he picked the team, regularly took training and sat in on HT talks.


Let me suggest that there's a slight difference between being physically around the players (and being missed) and laying down the structures and vision for our success (and being missed).


Not even the most pro-cortese sycophant has suggested that he would be missed due to the former (the emphasis of the article). Time will tell if he's missed because of the latter. Hopefully the structures he's helped lay down are strong enough that he won't be missed.

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