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Fans team match at West Ham - 22nd February


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Looking to get a game against West Ham's fans team on the morning of our game at Upton Park next month (22nd February). Kickoff likely to be 11am.


For any newbies, this is 11-a-side, standard is pretty average so no real requirements on that front. Fitness is probably more important, but some of us even struggle with that these days :lol:


Anyone interested in playing, please let me know :thumbup:


Current Squad:

Steve Grant

Kev Thornton

Steve Thornton

Stu Holloway

Andy Porter

Chris Bulpitt

Geoff Justice

Ant James

Ben Newton

Julian Ganley

Matt Marchant

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Venue details:


Flanders Playing Fields, Napier Road, London, E6 2SG. Map


11:00 kick-off, arrive by 10:30 :thumbup:


Nearest tube station is East Ham (District and Hammersmith & City lines), around 15 minutes walk, and that station is also one stop from Upton Park for the afternoon game.

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Still waiting on Saturday fixtures, however home pitch is half-decent and usually drains well in crap weather


Will let you know as soon as I do.


Steve, Do I owe you for WorldNET? Don't know if I've done it already or not, if not. I'll transfer on Friday

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I've been told that there's a car park of some description at the venue, but we won't be able to leave cars there for the afternoon. Apparently there's a Tesco nearby where they don't seem to do any parking checks on matchdays, but will get a bit more info on that nearer the time.

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The game has been moved to the 3G pitch at Langdon School as it seems unlikely any grass pitches in the area will be playable in the next couple of weeks.




The pointer on the map shows the entrance to the school for those driving, the postcode maps to another entrance that isn't as convenient.


For those coming by train/tube, it's still the same station, but a slightly longer walk.

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Love to play with the team again, just getting over surgery so out of action til late Apr, early May....any other opportunities arising around then as I may take another trip home? It is always a privilege playing with you guys...hey and as a selling point, we're undefeated when I play ;-)

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