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Lobbying bill passed in the house of lords

Sheaf Saint

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This is very bad news indeed. It essentially places massive restrictions on the ability of charities and other non-political organisations to campaign in the run up to elections, effectively silencing them. The government have forced this through despite bitter opposition to it from the public, and I fear it is another nail in the coffin of democracy in this country.


First we had the bill which will allow police to disperse peaceful political protests. Then the police want to have the use of water cannons, which ACPO admit would not have made the slightest shred of difference in the 2011 riots, on the basis that the current economic conditions might lead to more rioting. Now this bill. What next? How far do we let it go before we stand up and say 'no'?


Bit by bit we are slowly losing our liberty, but as long as X Factor is on TV and we can all have our cheap iPhones to pacify us, nobody seems to give a damn.


Dark days.

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