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Security Token Bug

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In the 'old' forum, there was some kind of tracking cookie bug that my security software regularly picked up and got rid of. Did anyone else get this? MODs care to comment?


More importantly can the MODs please give assurances to users of SWF that no spyware or whatever is embedded in this site? An affirmative answer will give me more incentive to pay for the privelage of using the site. Thanks in anticipation.

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Well, obviously we cannot guarentee anything, I've seen even vbulletin forums in the past get hacked, not recently, but it has happened. So no, there will be no guarentee that there wont be spyware on here at some point because we can't tell what will happen tomorrow.


If you are asking us if WE have put anything there like spyware, I can say 100% that we havent. The cookie you are referring to is to remember your username password etc so you dont have to log in each time, its also used for some other stuff on the forum, im sure if you looked on the vbulletin website you could find out exactly what

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