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Ex-Saints evening


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Hi all,


On Friday 21st March (Spurs away is on Sunday 23rd), London Saints will be holding an Ex-Saints 'Legends night' at the Counting House pub, London.


The night will feature many former Saints players for a Q&A and anecdote-sharing session followed by a fundraising memorabilia auction and an opportunity to meet the club’s former heroes and get autographs and have photos taken.


Currently confirmed Ex-Saints in attendance include Francis Benali, Dennis Hollywood, Glenn Cockerill, Jim Steele, Hughie Fisher, Reuben Agboola, Graham Baker, Manny Andruszewski, Tommy Hare, Mike Earles, Brian O’Neil, Wes Maughan and Tony Godfrey, with more to be added between now and the night of the event.


Tickets for the event are available on a first-come, first-served basis, priced at £15 for adults and £5 for under-16s, and include a free buffet. Family deals are also available.


Fundraising from ticket sales and the memorabilia auction is in aid of members of the Southampton Young Carers Project, with the Ex-Saints group intending to take a group of 40 young carers – who never have opportunities for a holiday or social outings as they are caring for sick or ill parents – on a trip away. They are aiming to raise more than £5,000 in total, and we are hopeful that London Saints will be able to contribute significantly to this worthy cause.


Tickets can be purchased from from LSSC Sports and Social Secretary Ray Betts at Tel: 07770 363570 or Email: raybetts@londonsaints.com.


I'm happy to pass on details of anyone who wants a ticket or answer any questions people have.







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Went to last ex-saints night London Saints event held at same venue 3 years ago and it was brilliant


All the ex players as well as supporters had a great evening, was difficult to get players to go home, and would recommend event to anyone in and around London or home countie, and last tiem several ex payer sucha s Tommy widderington and David hughes just turned up on the night.


and as said earlier all money raised fior good causes

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I'm in London then anyway so might go. Thing is, being 25 the majority I probably wouldn't recognise in the street!!


I'm 24 and went to the last one, despite not knowing some of the players, it was still really interesting to chat to them and hear what the club was like back in the day! Especially those who were here in the 60s.

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Few of us were interested until we saw the beer prices for the pub!


Really shouldn't have been an issue, a small price to pay. Cracking night raised over a grand from the auction. Great contributions from our cup winners Hugh and Jim, and a great job with the auction from Mark Dennis.


Thanks to all the players who turned up, great to hear their tales and their love for the club.


My first London Saints event, thanks to all that organised it and attended.

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