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What should "being open" look like?


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Not surprised that we lost Poch to Spurs.


I am surprised that the new era of "reaching out to the fans"......"communicate honestly and directly" has been soooo badly managed.


Ralph Krueger promised to be open and talk more to the "community" (whatever that is)


The official club site is a joke. The board will look like a joke soon....

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What would "being open" mean to you then SaintBobby??

"We tried to sign so and so but didn't make it..."

"We are doing our best to keep Adam and luke, only wish we were playing champions league!! Let everyone prey they stay"

"Our new cleaner is amazing, great signing"..

"Had a great weekend with the family, went on a bike ride..very pleasant"

"Did you hear Les joke the other day? Very funny!"


Not sure what they are meant to be open about?? By the sounds of it you are expecting them to talk like its a fly on the wall documentary. It's not going to happen.

You will get more statements and more interviews, that's open.

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