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Season predictions - player of the year in different categories....


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New season, new possibilities.

Who are the players that will stand out this season for us?


Since this is an optimistic thread the categories below will also only be in the optimistic spirit.

Selections can be edited up until the summer window has closed….


1. Top goalscorer

2. Top “pointscorer” (combined goals + assist)

3. Season MVP

4. Season unsung hero

5. Most improved player

6. Surprise player of the season



1. Obvious to choose Pellé at the moment but I´m pretty sure he will score more goals than Lambert did last year. Will not assist to as many though but this is the type of striker we´ve been lacking. One that works inside the box, make runs at the first posts when crosses come in and also ready to jump at rebounds. I think it´s a good buy for us in this situation.


2. At the moment it´s between Pellé and Tadic, with an outside chance for J-Rod depending on when he´ll be back in the line-up, or perhaps Gaston will surprise a few…?

For now I´ll go with Tadic just because I think he can get a few extra assists from set pieces.


3. For me (but I know not many will agree) this can definitely be Wanyama. He showed last year how important he is, just look at stats with and without him in the team, and this year he will know about the tempo in the league and his passing got better in the last 6-8 games of the season and I think he might be the next £20m+ player in our squad.


4. This is a difficult one, could well be Steven Davis again but I think his role will be slightly different this year. I think he might be more of a CM this year but will still do a great job when he´s on the pitch. I think

I´ll go with Fonte on this one, will be very important but will probably not get as much recognition as a new CB might have if we have similar success as last year.


5. For me JWP has this nailed on, it´s his time to step up and I think he will be used very much as a CM this year. It wouldn´t surprise me a bit if Koeman already has identified JWP as his “Jordi Clasie”, a CM that´s involved in set pieces and very much a central part of the team. Clasie was very raw but has developed fantastic the last two years under Koeman and JWP has the attributes to be a similar player. (Would´ve loved us to buy Clasie but doesn´t seem likely)


6. The surprise player is pretty much depending on what expectations you have on a player. I´ll go very far left field and select Isgrove. A pacey winger with decent crossing ability and with a big striker like Pellé working the box he might add to something we don’t have in our team at the moment. This one might change depending on who else we bring in during the transfer window though…



Have I forgotten something now…..

Oh yes, and we should sell Cork obviously….

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1) Pellè

2) Tadic

3) Tadic

4) Davis

5) JWP

6) Gastón


With the caveat that this is based purely on the players currently at the club, although discounted Lovren & Morgan who do sadly look off. Gutted as I think Morgan is our best player. I may change my opinion closer to the start of the season with new incomings.

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1. Pelle

2. Pelle

3. Schneiderlin

4. Davis

5. Ramirez

6. Reed


ps if Davis keeps getting nominated as unsung hero, does he still qualify as unsung? lol


Haha true, well we have to decide that from how much general publicity he gets I guess :)

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Anyone to jump in with your predictions or are you just on the forum to score points from those that dare? ;)


I´m thinking of changing to Long for best goalscorer but I´ll stick with Pelé.

Would like to get Taider in there somewhere but can't find a suitable category, perhaps the surprise player of the season but want to stick with Isgrove cause that Taider will have a good season wouldn´t really be a surprise to me at least...

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