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  1. This absolute gem from Catlin "They have bought into a club which has prided itself on sustainable growth and that is exactly the same path they are now going to follow"
  2. He thought Fraser Forster was a League One level keeper.
  3. Exhibit (A) http://www.fansonline.net/portsmouth/mb/view.php?id=593241 They really are properly hurting inside, you can see the bitterness eating them up.
  4. Ha ha, top stuff, I don't follow him, will take a look now.
  5. Very funny that. Also, did anyone see Ian Abrahams (Moose off Talk Sport) tweet today and the subsequent comments he got from Skates. They need to make their minds up, do they want a shiny new ground (not going to happen anyway) or are they happy to be in League 2 where its "real" football.
  6. If you read it carefully, they're not saying those were the people they are trying to recruit, but the people they've spoken to for advice.
  7. You haven't answered my question though.
  8. 'Back to where a club their size should be' - what a horrible, anti-football attitude.
  9. Why wouldn't he want smaller clubs to emulate Wigan? How much debt has he run up at Wigan?
  10. Exactly that. They've got away with it in my eyes.
  11. Don't worry, I completely understand the point. You're wrong, I agree that players probably don't even need to think about the 'safety net'. But what you and others seem to be saying is that if the FCR didn't exist, it is something players would begin to consider and use it to inform their decision where to move? I agree, I understand the logic. But my point is that it would only really effect the decision making process in a small percentage of transfers. How many of the 92 football league clubs go bust each year? How many top flight teams ever go into admin (we all know the obvious)? Lets sa
  12. Interesting analysis. Don't think it's something that can be proven either way, just our personal take on it. I can see how it might have influenced a few situations, but don't believe it would have had a significant effect on the overall market place in English football.
  13. Question; Has the trend in footballer wages in England changed significantly since the introduction of the FCR?
  14. Which of my posts were a wind up? Which threads have I 'ruined'? Plenty of other normal posters were able to debate the points raised, if you find them too confusing to understand just ignore them.
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