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  1. We have been fucking good at conceding from our own corners for a few years now.
  2. There was. I think I was sad enough to be "live" on the forum for it - like most, I just sat open mouthed staring at it in disbelief. I remember a photo was taken of those at the unveiling and their facial expressions said it all. Did Mandaric end up buying the original?
  3. He has the odd decent game but everyone knows he isn't good enough consistently to be first choice.
  4. The most frustrating thing about Ralph is that he never fucking learns. Even when we are on the up, he tries to get clever but ends up repeating the same poor decisions again and again. That is why we yoyo so badly.
  5. Look out for the regular private jet between Newcastle & Bournemouth!
  6. We've totally lost any kind of identity. Walcott starting and then staying on after half time is bewildering. I cannot think of an occasion where Ralph has influenced a game with decent subs. If he did go I wouldn't be that fussed.
  7. His wife made him come home. Feel free to speculate as to why.
  8. As I said a few weeks ago, I've only ever been ITK on 2 things, and one is that Howe was spoken to by the club before the season started on the basis a bad start could force them to pull the trigger on Ralph (the other less interestingly was the 2012/13 kit). The report last week ref. Howe and the Celtic thing was pretty accurate.
  9. I believe the club spoke to Chelsea about Tino Anjorin a while back but not sure anything has progressed since. Maybe we got the other Tino instead.
  10. Pretty clear that we are going to.
  11. Which is why we should never have got involved with him - the whole Chinese investment into football was clearly state driven and therefore fraught with risk.
  12. I was told this afternoon that Howe has been approached. Ralph has 8 weeks to turn it around but the club are making contingency plans if it doesn't work out. Obviously no idea if true but the person who told me has connections with Howe's previous coaching team. Wouldn't surprise me tbh, thought I would pass it on.
  13. Yep. Got 5-1 on Everton at half time. Would have preferred to have lost my money, but is so inevitable with this lot.
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