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  1. Same, don't get why I was refunded for some games weeks in advance and then others that happened weeks ago I haven't been refunded. Not that bothered as I would have been happy for them to keep the whole lot as a credit for next season, managing this is just hassle.
  2. Totally dismissed this one but noticed he has just started following the club on instagram which is a bit random if there is nothing in it.
  3. Yes and never ceases to spurt negative stats about us when he commentates
  4. Left side needs an upgrade, becoming more obvious every game.
  5. Bumping this 7 years later, but bought 4 boxes of Saints programmes at auction unseen just before Christmas and lurking at the bottom of one box was a tea set and a ball signed by the 76 squad, sadly only Peter Osgood's signature hasn't faded. It felt like finding the holy grail though.
  6. Worth a point and not too down after that. Left side needs an upgrade in the summer/January.
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