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Jon Fat Beast RIP


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Sad to announce the passing of the legendary Jon Fat Beast. Jon was originally from Woolston and a huge Saints fan.


He was a massive part of the indie music scene in the late 80s and 90s. Most notably responsible for comparing and promoting at the Bull & Gate, Kentish Town. Probably more notorious as the lighting engineer turned MC for popular indie rockers Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine.


I didn't know him really but bumped into him often on the 90s indie music scene where he would more often than not be wearing his Saints shirt with Fat Le Tiss on the back!


A larger than life character in more ways than one who didn't give a toss and loved life to the full.


Carter gigs would always begin with him appearing on stage to introduce the band (usually in mostly naked) with the audience predictably replying with a raucous rendition of YOU FAT BASTARD! This became so intrinsic to a Carter gig that the band included a crowd sample on their breakthrough record '30 Something'... And so a legend was born.


Happy days...



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I only knew him through Carter, didn't know the local connection.


A character who demanded abuse from the audience and got it.

Rest in peace you fat bastard.



Having said that he didn't want peace....

So rest in effing punk rock chaos Mr B - stick it up to 11!

Keep rocking.

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Jon was a dear friend and a right old fùcker. One of the funniest, kindest, most inspiring and downright brilliant men I have ever met. I am honoured to have known him personally and, as Saints, we should be incredibly proud he was one of ours. Really, I mean it; Jon Beast was a true iconoclast, one in a generation type. He was still taking apart this whole stinking world with humour and incisiveness right to the end.

Personally, I would not have had the life and fortune (good and bad!) without Jon and probably most of the indie bands of the eighties and nineties owe him something - actually I bet he still owes them, ha.


I am sure he is RIPping the **** out of all of heaven right now, the crazy beautiful ol' caaant.

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There is a collection being organised to help fund a right proper send off this lovely man. JimBob from Carter has arranged this. I don't know what it will be yet; Maybe a Viking burial in the Solent, or possibly a big funeral pyre outside Worksop County Council offices. Please give anything you can, as Jon was skint.



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