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Good breakfast


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The white horse hotel in Romsey serves a cracking breakfast in a lovely traditional hotel. Bloody pricey but superb.


Hallidays tea rooms in Bedford place do an amazing brekkie but I think they're shut on Monday. The service is brilliant too and they make a real effort.


Sadly there's not one proper cafe that I can think of that does a decent breakfast, unless you want to slum it at selco! Brilliant brekkie in there but I doubt the yanks will be impressed with breakfast above a builders merchants! Double everything (decent quality too), plus black pud, tea and toast for four and half quid.


I've always been a fan of the breakfast at Santo lounge, plus their other ones at ocean village and portswood. Less poncey then the white horse and Hallidays.

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What did you opt for? :o

Well, in the end we heard news that the Penguin Cafe in Lee on Solent had changed hands so we thought we'd check that out. Quite an experience getting there today ... it took a while to get the car door open against the wind and was hard work walking towards the seafront. ?


Well worth it in the end though. 6 items for £5 plus tea/coffee included in the price. Great breakfast too. I opted for 2 x bacon, fried egg, beans, saute potatoes and fried bread.


Looks like I have plenty of places to try out in future too. ?

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