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Children In Need Auction donation

Justin Cider

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Hi hopefully this is the best place to ask this and if not any suggestions would be great, I`ve kindly been given a 2016/17 signed 1st team shirt to auction off at my workplace for this years Children In Need auction, the only issue is that I can`t see it raising much at the auction but would possibly do better on here, the auction is Friday November 18th and I`ll be at the HBS game on the 8th to exchange the shirt for a cheque made payable to CIN, any suggestions would be great

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I see you're a registered user so can't post more than 3 a day (and can't PM people), spend the fiver and get signed up ;)


Do you know what, I must just do that, what I`ll probably end up doing is closing the auction on here at 00:00 on Thursday 17th November (the night before the CIN auction) the highest bid from this forum will be the reserve price which I`ll take to my workplace auction, they`re a tight lot so the highest bidder from here will probably win it. I`ll be able to exchange the shirt for a signed cheque (made payable to Children In Need) at the home game against HBS on Thursday December 8th.

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